Figured out some stuff / video

Finally, sat down and figured some stuff out and how to create tracks from scenes.
It was a huge mindblower for me, so I thought I’d celebrate with this imperfect track,
where I finally understood the concept and how to somewhat minimally apply it to create a track, a little more variation, etc.

Hope someone enjoys it :slight_smile:


I did! :grinning:

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I’m still not sure if this was a drone flying around or an animation.

Cool track and video!

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Thanks all! I’m so excited to continue playing around and building tracks with Octatrack scenes now. But, yes - the video is a recent, very well choreographed video that recently went viral of a drone flying through a bowling alley, with some effects & LFOs applied to it via Max MSP.

The video+music reminds me a game on Philips Cdi in a Blade runner like future called Burn:cycle.

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Gonna pump up this thread again, new video, hope someone likes it out there.

and if you like it, like they always say, please like and subscribe - I put octatrack video jams out every week or two… thanks!

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I had the Philips Cdi. Some great games i played on it with my kids. Including Lemmings and a Golf one with real video footage. A great system.

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I love this reply… one of my favorite video games growing up was called Amazon:

Also, the guy above calling out Burn: Cycle… love it.