Few battles

Over on the OP-1 forum there are pretty regular battles but I see hardly any on here? Did they fizzle out or something?

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They aren’t as often lately it seems like, but they did just set up a new one today actually

Thanks for heads up :slight_smile:

Can’t see anything posted?

Battle 43 near the top

Ah, you mean new battle on OP forum, yeah I saw that already :wink: thought you meant there was a new one on here.

There are few battles here because there are few participants…

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Oh right now i see i misread your first post :content: Didn’t even know that there are/were battles here too, cool

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No battles, just missions for the 'nauts, but the last one had participants you could count on one hand iirc

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Indeed. For the last one, you could count with a finger.

Here is the place where you can find the missions :