Fancy cable company based in Europe?

I recently learned about this company that does those crazy looking cables:

however being based in Europe I cannot justify paying that kind of money to get them shipped from US, and I think it would be environmentally unsound to do so.

So, my question is, does anyone know of a company doing similar, fancy-looking multicoloured cables in Europe?

Cordial is making some for the DJ segment, but quite expensive imo.

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These work well (Van Damme with Neutriki connector) and range of lengths and choice good: Ebay cables


Van Damme cable is excellent, I used it for years with no problems whatsoever, same for Neutrik connectors.

Could not resist :laughing:



We’ve had a trade account with VDC for years at my work : buy all my cable & ancillaries from them for making cables up, plus our rental stock features a lot of their pre-made assemblies too - mulitcores, speaker cable, ethercon on drums, etc. They’re excellent - though they did once send me a 12/4 multi wired the wrong way round :sweat_smile:

Big fan of Cordial cables. I must have 80-100 and they’re high quality.

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Hosa make multi-coloured cables too, for less money. If you can’t find the exact combo, then look at the snake cables they do. You can dismantle the outer sheaf to make individual cables if required.

Yes, I´m also using Cordial for my live setup only, just the cenon´s are a bit pricey (x4). DJ´s tend to spend more money for good lucking things. :wink:

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I’ve used Designacable a lot here in the UK, and they’re great!!

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