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I’ve just received my octatrack yesterday , and I made a mistake ! I formated the sd cards with the sounds, pattern, etc … ! I thought that the sd card has to be formated before using it …
Do you know where the factory sounds can be downloaded ?

Thanks !

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Issue with sampling

They cannot, as far as I am aware, but do not despair, you have just been freed from hours of auditing samples you’ll probably never use anyway.

Now is the time to create your own bank. Set yourself up in the kitchen. bang those pots, scrape those forks. Pull out that little toy keyboard you’ve been keeping but never use, get a bunch of sounds, turn them into chromatically tuned sample chains. managle, resample, go crazy.

Or like, just get one of the add on packs from the elektron.se site, or a free sample pack from computer music, or maybe an artist you like has released a pack, or download the pack from nasa.

There are also a bunch of free sample chains in the files section of this forum. (get the octachainer while you are there to help you make sample chains) I also suggest hitting up inspector gadget’s repackaged adventure kid’s single cycle waveforms, and his kicks. http://www.inspektorgadjet.com/item/waveforms-library/

Also, if you don’t have one already, I highly recommend picking up a field recorder as an octatrack companion.


You can contact us via our support form on Elektron.se, we’ll send you our factory content in the support messaging.


Hi there owner of a new mk2 trying to delete some projects,I deleted all the sample that comes with the card.
Is there a web location where can I download all samples preinstalled on the Card

Octatrack Preset Banks / Factory Content


You should register your OT mk2 on Elektron.se, you’ll get access to all the factory samples.


Thanks man


Exactly what title says. :frowning:


Factory Presets are just a Set/Project/Samples.

Contact support, they should help you out.