External transpose switch issue with sh01a+k25m


Hi, I’ve connected my sh01a via midi to the m:s but I can’t play notes from the k25m. The only thing I can play is only the lower note of the keyboard… just one note. Seems like the midi in of the m:s doesn’t receive the transpose switch from the sh01a, and remains fixed on the higher note of the scale of the m:s
Any suggestion? I tried lots of settings.


I just noticed that i can only play the 2 higher octaves of the ms when i connect a midi keyboard.


I think I found the problem. The sh01a with a k-25m keyboard, doesn’t transmit the transpose switch to midi out! So you can’t switch the octave of the model samples from sh01a.
So currently you can’t play m:s through a k-25m.
I would be grateful if anyone could take the test and confirm this :wink: