External sync question before purchase : Answered


The insanely cheap price of the Samples at the moment is making me consider one, along with the ‘How are people liking it’ thread. I have two questions about midi sync if anyone can help…

I recently bought a new/old Tascam DP02 whihc I’m suing as the Master to start/stop and send midi to my AK. For the most part it works well: recordings are mostly in sync and if not I can just restart and re-record.

If I add a MS by Midi Out of Tascam to Midi In of AK from the Midi Thru of the AK to the Midi In on the MS, and set both to receive Clock will the AK and Keys both start and sync to clock from the Tascam?

Also, will Bank and Pattern changes from the AK mirror on the MS from the Midi-Thru to Midi-In?

Fairly basic questions I know but it would help before I make the purchase.

Many thanks.


So, in case anyone else is the same position…

It all works without any config setting. I just plugged from the midi thru of the AK to the midi in of the MS and it’s all in sync from the Tascam.

This simple sample player has given me loads of options now and saves me some tracks on the AK.

good to hear it works, elektrons are top notch in this regard…

this should only work, if you use midi out of AK instead of midi thru and config the AK to send pattern changes.

To add to this, you can use a MIDI merger after the AK to send MIDI messages, including PC, to the M:S by merging the Out and the Thru ports of the AK.

i cant see, why you would need a midi merger in this case. ak midi out can send midi sync and program change to modelsamples without such a box.

also the op could try to use the ak as midi master and (slave) sync the tascam and ms for maybe even more reliable sync

If the Tascam sends clock to AK and AK is also sending clock, would it not double up the tempo? I’ve seen behavior like this before when setting up my kit. The merger I suggest would be so the AK passes clock from its thru port and PC/CC from its out port (hence the merger)

Using AK as master would likely yield a tighter sync as you suggest though.

this would not happen, if you use AK midi OUT because it only sends its own clock.

the clock from tascam would only be mirrored / forwarded if you would use the AK thru port

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I’d actually forgotten about my question about the bank and pattern changes. I was happy it was synced from the Tascam…,which can only send clock, not receive it.

I think I’m way to sloppy to keep all of my projects, banks and patterns in order so I’ll most likely just change patterns as needed. Probably better anyway because of the differncee in the Kit structure between the Keys and the MS.

Cheers anways.