External keyboard

Hi, where can I acces the Global menu in A4 MKII? I have been trying for hours, please help.

pg12 of the manual shows the global settings button right beneath master volume

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Im sporting a Roland JDXA and an Elektron Analog four mk2…which is in good condition thankfully because they aren’t being produced anymore…and ive got also a Korg minilogue XD…I haven’t upgraded its wavetables or effects yet…ive got also a Korg microkorg XL+ which needs a repair…and its sitting in the office waiting for my dad to post it…cause I don’t have $100 to pay for it…and um…yeah thats it…ive also got a few midi keyboards…ive got a novation impulse 49…a Korg nanokey air bluetooth…and ive got an arturia keylab 49 and an Akai little red thingo…that I dont really like I dunno why I bought it…and I guess finally ill mention my MacBook Pro 32Gb ram and Ableton Live 10 and serum wavetable synth…im so p#$$@) off because six months after I bought my MacBook Pro with everything for 6 grand…they bring out the upgraded version wth 64Gb!!! FTW im going to bed…