External keyboard set up

Quick question.
If my DN already has midi in from the OT (as master), how do I use an external keyboard to play notes on the DN?
(Switching to the DN as master is one solution but I expect you midi routing experts will be able to help a novice out here).



You can use a keyboard with midi thru ability like the keystep for example.

Im not into the OT but it could also work, when you send midi from the keyboard to the OT and then to DT on a seperate midichannels. Maybe some OT users can tell you more about this possibility.

You could also use a midi merge between OT and DT, where you can route your keyboard in.

What knh said; you can setup a midi channel on octa and set the channel to the channel you want to control on the DN, making sure your external keyboard is transmitting on the same channel. It should playthrough fine in realtime. You can also set the octa cc’s on the midi channel to record aftertouch, pitchbend etc as well as note data. (make sure the midi channel on octa is not muted)

I don’t know if the DN supports autochannel but if it does you can set the autochannel to the same channel as the octa and the keyboard and this should mean that whatever track you have selected on DN will be controlled by the keyboard.


Great stuff, thanks folks - since the OP1 (this is the keyboard I’m using to control the DN - nothing special but better than the DN keys) doesn’t work with midi thru, I’ll go for the Octa midi-in auto-channel option.

Thanks again :+1:

Hi everybody,
i’m truly beginner, and i’m so sorry for my poorest English,
but i want to play with my Rhodes a sequence on Digitone, how?
i configure the in/out and the correct channel but no one records on the sequence…
sorry for that stupid question but i’m lost
many thanks

Hi @icarius ,

did you in PORT CONFIG menu select INPUT FROM “MIDI” and activate “RECEIVE NOTES”?

How did you set up your midi channels?


Hi dear @knh ,
thanks for your precious advise, but i have on DT put on “receive notes and send notes” , one thing don’t understand is why one time if push on midi button the Rhodes plays and so many times not, what is the procedure to listen the notes from a external midi keyboard also the Rhodes ? are a story about the Bank in the MIDI controls what’s the impact?
i’m happy to receive a response from you who is simply concise and understanding from a total beginner also me…
excellent day @knh and to the others

Did you set up you midi out channel on the rhodes to the corresponding auto channel (default is 10) on the DN?

This way you can trigger always the active track on the DN with your rhodes.



You’re the best @knh :eyeglasses:
that’s all right the perfect condition, on more + is that i can play a free sequence on 64 triggers
and on can put the sequence with the pool song…
many many thanks @knh

you’re are for me the 'te deum" on DT an Rhodes
good week and take care


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I’m glad it finally worked out!

Have fun with your Digitone :slight_smile:

All the best