External Control: X-Touch + Digitakt =?


Did a forum search and nothing came up.

Has anyone attempted to use a Behringer X-Touch Compact or X-Touch Extender for external control of a Digitakt?

Seems like the motorized faders and infinite encoders should work well with pattern changing. Plus the price isn’t bad.

X-Touch Compact: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/XTouchC--behringer-by-touch-compact
X-Touch Extender (works in standalone): https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/XTouchEXT--behringer-by-touch-extender



Faderfox UC4 is smaller, cheaper and sturdier. The faders aren’t motorised but I’m not even sure if that would even work - can the DT be made to send volume status on pattern change?


Sorry this is a long resp. Some ideas: I expect that the X Touches would work OK - but better check if you can control the MIDI config - I imagine they use the Mackie/Logic Control ‘protocol’ (simply an arbitrary map of notes/ccs to particular controls). You might have trouble mapping stuff to the Digitakt if that’s the case.

The Behringer BCN44 & BCR2000 (their 2 x older rotary controllers) can be reprogrammed on the device itself and are pretty good as long as you verify that the connected device can send updates.

like you mention: the knob/button/fader value (be it physical move or LEDs) need to update in response to a change on the device itself. I think the Octatrack can kinda do this with the ‘CC Direct Connect’ settings - or is it under the MIDI > Control

I kind of dislike faders for this sort of thing - they should really be motorised to reflect the device state & then they need to be touch-sensitive so they know to release to manual control instantly.


Anyone using it?