Expressive E Osmose

Nope… Still ‘in progress’…

There’s a quick start video I saw linked elsewhere:

(Update, video has been moved to private)

Supposedly there’s a quick start guide available for the people on the preorder under their order summary.


Awesome thanks!!!

Here it is

Osmose_QuickStartGuide.pdf (1.4 MB)


Yup, looks like a fair bit of control and all the EaganMatrix macros and the effects section are controllable by the looks of it. (Not the giant matrix routing but that would be a pain on that screen).

I’ll be interested to see the “hooking up an external controller” guides like there are for the continuums as I want to know that workflow beforehand as anything I get has to be dual use for wind controllers.

Looks like they took the video private. I watched a little of it earlier, but I was hoping to return.

(It’s a silly move. I understand that they created it for the backers, of which I am not a member – but this is exactly the sort of non-marketing marketing material that actually moves the needle for me.)

Has anybody else noticed that the new Haken editor for Osmose is a MAX patch that requires the €319,- cycling74 MAX or a subscription? Or am I mistaken.
If not this would really suck.

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I haven’t looked into it. You can use Max MSP without license as long as you are running a patch without saving. It depends on the exact use if or how large this limitation really will be. If you can save and even load presets to and from the Osmose all functionality could be there. Let’s see.

You can download the demo version of Max which will just work for this purpose:

It is the same for Haken Continuum users. No need to save the Max patch - saving presets in the Editor is independent from that functionality.

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Is it not a 30 day demo that is save disabled? I also read on the Haken site that the editor is really slow to load and stop. Not happy. It seems like the already fidgety eaganmatrix editor just hit a whole new level of user unfriendliness.

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Yup definitely helped in understanding how this would work. It also had a pretty clear explanation of the initial pressure range and subsequent pressure range after the discontinuity.

Sake! I missed the video! Sure it willl pop back up again. Looking forward to seeing it inevitably work its magic on me.


They’ll soon be back, and in greater numbers.

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It is a bit of an engineering experience, at first. However, don’t worry, support for the EM is definitely great. The EM people are a wonderful community. With the EM, you will feel like Neo: overwhelmed and confronted with the choice between the blue and the red pill. Great power comes at a price. For myself, I’ve decided not to check how deep the EM goes :grin:

video is back again :slight_smile:

really nice walkthrough… its also first chance to see the finished (?) firmware.
… its quite interesting to see how they have gone a little beyond the Eagan Matrix.
(… or perhaps many of these things are now in continuum firmware too?)

Editor (and Max)
the editor software includes the max runtime, its an ‘implementation detail’ that it uses Max, the user doesn’t really see this (and certainly does not need a max license)

for iOS , you can also use Spring Sound

(Im assuming Christophe has/will update for Osmose since he’s part of the EM development, including for the Osmose)

all very exciting…


Sake! I have to go out for a Xmas lunch and want to watch this instea.

Quick note - it looks bigger than I expected!

In person it was smaller than I expected ….
Perhaps presenter has small hands :laughing:

Anyways , keyboard is standard size , so that gives you basic idea of size.

Now , question is … do I start rearranging things in preparation… or is that created space , going to stare at me till it arrives?

Such as?

The R peggiator functionality looks sick!

Everything I saw was already in the EaganMatrix controls, the problem is the interface makes all the macros and stuff quite opaque but these are pretty easy to setup control with an external controller with midi mappings.

There’s some sections in the Continuum Guide to set them up with an external controller like a BeatStep/BeatStep Pro.