Experience with Antelope Audio, esp. Discrete 8 Synergy bla

Hi there, was searching around the forum for some advice about Antelope, and would like to ask some questions if anyone be so kind to help me.
I am looking at a Discrete 8 Synergy Core interface, because it’s on promo with all the extra features such as using its powered plugin engine in a DAW (feature that’s paid for usually)
There is a lot of incomplete info on the net, so:

Can you use it as a standalone real time mixer with iOS? in the case I perform live and need such a thing.
Can you use it as a mixer AND insert the DSP effects on some or all the channels?
(btw, how is it connected to an iPad? camera kit I presume)
Am curious on HOW exactly is the workflow with it.
I intend to use it as a main monitor mix output for Ableton Live AND also use the other ins and outs to set up send returns with analogue gear. Secondly, as a mixer when playing DAW-less or even as a sound reinforcement processor, such as a limiter between a DJ rig and expensive amps and loudspeakers.

much obliged!