Exclude one track from ctr-al lfos?

hi all,

i love using ctr al with lfos but want some more control — any way to exclude certain tracks (i.e. the kick drum) from ctr-al’s wrath and unpredictability?

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PLocks aren’t overridden by CTRL AL I think, if you lock whatever setting is being modulated by the LFO to your desired value it shouldn’t change


Exactly, I don’t have an MD, but on other boxes I have noticed that, lets say you want to CTRL-ALL on the filter cutoff of everything but one track. On that track, plock the filter cutoff a little, then when you do CTRL-ALL, it won’t affect that track. But, you will have to plock it for every step that you do not want affected.

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thanks, will try this next time

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