Eurorack to compliment my DFAM for techno


Happy Friday everyone. Thanks for all the support and advice so far on this forum.

I’ve just got my DFAM which is both my first analogue and also first modular piece of gear. Very happy with the sound and the infinite tweaking ability. It’s definitely given me the immediacy I was looking for. I’m now feeling even more encouraged to have a go with eurorack. I know I could go to other muff-related forums but I like this one. I have often read that the best thing to do is work out what you want to achieve first so that you don’t want to waste time and money wandering down all sorts of blind avenues. For me I think it’s going to be techno and rhythm-driven jamming with hand-on tweakability.

I’m starting from scratch here so I need a case, power, output (to go into my speakers/headphones) and some modules to get started. So basically I’m trying to decide what would be a good first few modules to really take advantage of the DFAM and expand on that for techno-oriented sound design and tweaking on the fly.

Case-wise I’m leaning towards Tiptop Mantis. I know it’s plastic but it’s cheap and it’s big enough for me to grow into. I don’t really care about industrial strength (it will live in the house, no gigging etc) or having boutique wooden build. It’s a functional item for me (at this stage) and I’d rather spend the money elsewhere. £270-ish for 6U 104HP including power seems like great value.

My first thoughts around modules are to get something that has multiple LFOs and/or CV sequencers so I can tweak parameters on the DFAM in a polymetric way and make the sequences more evolving and break out of the 8 steps length. e.g. 5 step sequence that changes FM amount, 12 steps that changes another parameter etc. This idea leads me to something like Malekko Varigate 4+ or voltage block or similar which can output multiple streams of CV and is quite tweakable and performance friendly. Alternative is some LFOs to vary parameters over time with control over shape, speed, amplitude etc built-in so I don’t need extra VCA to modify the CV before it hits the DFAM. Varigate 4+ also can do gates or a gate/cv mix so I think I can actually use that as a supplementary step sequencer for DFAM or other future modules.

I also thought about some sort of dedicated drum modules to augment the DFAM. That is to say that the DFAM can generate some quite wild and wacky rhythms, basslines etc but a solid kick/hat/snare to support that would be great. I know this isn’t very “modular” but I’m just getting started and I can grow into bigger things later. 2HP have cheap kick/hat/snare modules which sound pretty good to my ears.

I have given a lot of time to looking at these 2hp modules which have a lot of variety and are both cheap and small. They seem to be well-reviewed also. Basic FX like delay, comb, reverb, freeze/stutter are £100 or so and take up very little space. They could be easily manually tweaked or CV-triggered by the Varigate or the DFAM and add extra variation to techno sequences.

I’m looking to have fun jamming at home for my own enjoyment. I appreciate that eurorack is likely to involve a bit of buying and selling over time and so I figure that I should start with cheaper and/or multi-function devices and view it as a learning curve. I don’t want to buy loads and loads of single-function building-block modules right now. I’m trying to ease myself into it both financially and in terms of learning.

The truth is that I simply can’t afford to throw a fortune at this hobby in one go so it’ll be a step-by-step process. I’m not going to blow a small fortune on credit cards etc, it’s just not my way!

I welcome any advice as long as it’s constructive!! Been pleasantly surprised at the supportive and friendly tone around here so far :slight_smile:


Just quickly as I’m snowed under, get a cheap KORG SQ-1 for some mayhem, also useful for when you take the plunge :wink:


congrats. As I wrote before in an earlier thread Id recommend the following modules in this order:

Expert Sleepers FH-2: it lets you sequence the DFAM with your digitakt
Befaco Out V3: To get the DFAM Signal out in the front for headphone, speakers and DT-Recording
Exper Sleepers Disting mk4: You can play around with nearly 100 functions (but only one at a time).
Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter: Is a freaky second Drum Voice, EG already included
Make Noise Optomix: combined mixer and VCA for bringing the DFAM and BIA together
Make Noise Maths: Universal tool for Control Voltage, including EG, LFO and Mixer

The 2HP-Modules are cheap and small, but they lack a bit on possibilities to change the sound and the knobs are really tiny


My modular drum rig

DFAM (kick snare toms)
ARTURIA Beat Step Pro ( sequencer )
Expert Sleepers FH1 ( lfos, env, filter automation )
ALM dinkys taiko ( now just hi hats )
ROLAND AIRA BITRAIZER ( bp filtered bit reduced split of osc2 )
ROLAND AIRA TORCIDO ( distortion and digital compression )
Blue Lantern sir mix alot ( mono mixer )

Paired with a DT and ARMkii…nice

With the case i strongly advise that you get it correct from the get go. It will make all the difference to your experience. Look at the good doepfer ones if you can. With a well specd clean power supply. Cheap power supplies can cause crazy pitch drift, bleed, and unexpected problems…and not have enough juice for some of the more interesting digital modules…

God i hope your cashed up! Haha…


Here is my setup; i have just recently swapped a bunch of modules to make this percussion focused with two synth voices. I swapped out mixer modules for the ES pieces and send the signals to a Motu 8a. I have Clouds setup as an aux send along with an Analog Heat and Octatrack. I can improv quickly using the Malekko gear for transitions and bounce patterns of more developed songs onto the OT so I can use the euro to layer on top of things (I use a Nord A1 for primary synth duties on most tunes).


Thanks for the suggestions.

@Adam9 it depends how you define “cashed up”! I have some disposable income to spend on hobbies but it’s not a fortune by any means. Let’s put it this way - it’ll take me a long while to get anywhere near filling 6U 104HP even including the DFAM unless I buy cheap, second-hand or find some other way to save on cost.

I’m curious about DIY modules but my electronics experience is basically non-existent so I’d be a bit nervous. That said, after looking around it seems that it’s very cost efficient and that a lot of the cost of eurorack is evidently in the assembly and not in the components themselves. I don’t mind a bit of learning. I need a new hobby away from the computer and that’s part of why I’m pursuing this. Alternatively it looks like people will assemble DIY kits for you for a small fee. If the two combined still saves money then that’s an option.


i own a Mother 32 and DFAM too, booth rest in a Moog 2 Tier Rack. i do not use them in a Eurorack but i will build a little Effects Eurorack exclusively for them. i will get the Moog Case (same case as the DFAM), a 4ms Powersupply Module and a Erica Synths Black Hole DSP Module as my first Eurorack module Today hehe.
will show you a picture of it when it’s filled up. takes a little time, because i’m not the richest^^


An excellent choice.