Eurorack sync


Hey I’d like to use my 104hp rig and machinedrum. Now I already sequence the rig by other means but I want to have the machine drum in sync with the modular. Any kit I should be looking at specifically?


Don’t have an MD but I’d start with the pulse/impulse (?) machine on a separate out into a clock in source in your rack, that is obviously if you don’t have a midi-cv converter of some kind…!

More experienced users will no doubt add to this…


For a long time I drove all of my clocks using the GND-IMP machines on tracks 13-16. This video has that setup in. I drive a main clock (4ms QCD) from track 13, and then drive 2 sequencers with track 14 and 15. There is some futzing with getting the impulse machines output correct, and it can have different settings depending on how the modules respond to triggers, but its works great. I have also gone the other way (input A/B driving kick and snare using triggers from the rack)


Hey thanks man. I was looking at the Malekko sync. I will connect my machine drum to that and then attach the sync into monome ansible whilst the grid can sequence ansible going into my mannequins mangrove/just friends/coldmac/three sisters and then dynamic and maths with noise source and audio out from wmd. I’ll use an extension for the extra power! Hopefully that will see me rocking?


Yeah Sync will drive your clock!


Awesome thank you for your feedback


hello there!
it was very helpful to hear that and I’ll make a try… what about triggering/CV output from MD or MNM?

there can be any trick to make this without MIDI to CV modules? this was just because my DIY Erica Synth MIDI to CV is still WIP :wink: and I really need to trigger the Kotelnikov VCO of my simple(for now) Eurorack setup…


Triggering is easy from the md. Getting correct control voltages is not really possible since the outputs of the md are not DC coupled, so the best you could do would be to send it only positive CV, but even that may not work that well, and would be finicky.


MD has an “IMP” (impulse) machine type that makes gate signals for triggering external gear. MnM does not. Neither has any way of producing proper CV signals.