Escape Tones for Analog Four

The warble and crackle of classic synths illuminate this twilight dash through shattered city soundscapes. Escape Tones for the Analog Four offers up a toolbox of 128 patches, with creator Robin Rudén supplying a plethora of bass, leads, and atmospheric pads fit for all manner of exploits, ranging from tight and modern sounding to grainy etched echoes. Delve for a sound, and find sleek and clean or pillar-shakingly savage, and everything in-between. Then inject your own spark for customized cacophonies and euphonies.

Please note this Sound Pack was designed for Analog Four MKII. It is compatible with Analog Four MKI and Analog Keys but be advised that there may be slight differences in sound.

Download a free demo pack of Escape Tones or purchase here.



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Purchased as soon as I woke up and loaded onto the A4 as soon as I got to my “work from home” desk :slight_smile:

Heck yeah, was just searching for new A4 sounds yesterday!

Did you see these on sale? Can confirm they’re great patches! Picked up the Mod and the FM pack.


Those are some of the best sounds for the A4 I’ve come across. Amazing work by the creator.
They’re also 1/2 off till the 15th. No brainer.


Thanks for the heads up, Going to purchase now!

Update: duly purchased!

Bought it instantly. Seems great. For some reason my Transfer couldn’t find my AK. No worries, I’ll try again next week when I’m back home.

How many Patches did you get? 120 or 128? Thanks.

I got 120 because 8 were flagged in C6 and didn’t get imported

Haven’t had a chance to transfer them yet but will let you know.

I did it via Transfer and I only got 120 Patches.

I also got 120. Not extremely impressed by the pack by the way.