Erica Synths SYNTRX


Whaaat :star_struck:

So it looks similar to a Synthi, but they are using a new circuit design, so it won’t sound like a Synthi, and its $2500? Something is not quite adding for me. Intriguing for sure, but that price is crazy. I guess I haven’t heard it yet though.

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I like the look of it. I’m a big fan of using a matrix (digital pins) for modulation. I prefer it over patch cables. Not sold on the sound yet, I need to see more demonstrations. The idea of a synthi clone is exciting though!


The original Synthi costs as much as a new car, maybe more.

I don’t think there’s any way to make a synth of this type of design that costs $75. Just so many parts… complicated architecture… this is not a $300 Minimoog knockoff we’re talking about here.

Well maybe if it’s made in mainland China by child laborers, then I suppose the price could be cut to $750, with the cheapest possible parts - basically a synth that lasts maybe a couple of years then falls apart.


It looks very nice and very well built, and I would never expect it to be sold for less than $1000. I thought maybe $1200 - $1500. But I also would not expect it to be $2500, unless it was actually a clone. They are capitalizing on the looks of the Synthi, but putting their own sound circuits inside. They even removed the pins for the matrix, so that fun is gone, and made it digital. So this is a synth with some analog components, a digital matrix, and a joystick. It is a cool design. And if it sounds amazing, then maybe I’ll be singing different tune in the future. Also, I have no problem with companies doing “Inspired by”, or clones, or whatever. But just looking at the package as a whole, the price is just not seem worth it to me. But that is my opinion, and I bought that opinion fair and square.

Analogue Solutions Fusebox is a 3 VCO analog synth that goes for $1600 new,. Yet it doesn’t have a matrix or anything like that for routing flexibility.

I do agree though that in the end the market will decide if the synth is worth the asking price or not.

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I agree that usually the market decides whether or not a synth is worth the asking price, but in this situation, it is a limited run, and looks like a Synthi, so it will sell out regardless of how it sounds.

Also, lots of synths have mod matrixes. Is it the grid layout of this one that is so appealing?

I was just wondering the other day why companies weren’t remaking this instrument. Seems like every high profile studio or electronic producer has a synthi.
The original had battery power tho right?

Yeah, the original was battery powered, and came in that suitcase with the keyboard built in.


Y can’t we have the nice things? :fearful:

Behringer has strongly hinted a Synthi too.

That said good on Erica Synths for doing this!

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I have to correct myself about the Fusebox - doesn’t have matrix per se, but does have the usual semi-modular patch points, as well as sequencer/arpeggiator. It was the closest thing I could think of to the Syntrx as far as number of VCOs and various appointments, and being made by European labor and presumably decent parts/components.

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Yup, been tracking the Behringer too.

Ironically their Odyssey ended up costing close to Korg’s reissue - nearly double the cost of the Minimoog clone. Apparently the Odyssey design is more complicated than the Minimoog - requiring double the number of parts. That’s why I don’t expect the VCS clone to be cheap, because it’s even more complicated.

I’d be shocked if they put a real spring reverb in there, contrary to one Youtuber’s hopes.


Why not a real spring reverb?

The parts for a spring reverb are common and not expensive.

Let me be clear that I’m not arguing against putting spring reverb in there.

It’s just that Behringer chose to add Klark-Teknik digital FX to their Odyssey, as well as digital FX from Klark-Teknik and child companies to their Deepmind. Thus, I don’t see any reason to believe they won’t put digital FX on their upcoming synths including the VCS clone.

Apols, I thought you were saying the Erica version was unlikely to have a spring. My bad.

Here ya go - CDM says it’ll have spring reverb.

I’ve seen criticism elsewhere - meaning not just here - for the matrix being digitally controlled rather than analog, but automated switching of patch points via MIDI triggers or “performance mode” sounds like a reasonable justification.


To me the big deception is that the matrix with no buttons or pins is totally un-live, while it was one of the most fun part on the synthi.

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I didn’t look close enough. If the matrix is only controlled via program changes, and not press button, that is very unappealing!