Erica Synths PĒRKONS HD-01 Sample Pack by LØSTLVLS

It’s here, my love-letter to a gorgeous drum machine, the Erica Synths PĒRKONS HD-01. Thunderous and captivating, I hope you enjoy these sounds as much as I do. LINK.

The full blurb is on Bandcamp, but I will condense here. 224 samples - 64 basses, 48 kicks, 32 snares, 16 hats, 32 weird FX sounds and 16 long wavetable sweeps. Encoded in 24-bit and 48khz sample rate.

Six sample chains containing all the above in convenient single files for ease of use in samplers both hardware and software. I love using them in Ableton Live but they’re awesome for Octatracks and MPCs and whatever else. Encoded in 24-bit and 44.1khz sample rate so they play well with the OT straight out of the box.

Finally, there is an Ableton Live Drum Selector rack (will work in Live Suite only) which allows you to program a pattern and change the sample with the turn of an encoder, as well as alter decay, pitch, distortion, compression both on a sound-by-sound basis and as a kit.

Each individual sound has been uniquely tweaked with dynamic EQ’ing and careful limiting they sound really full and alive right out of the box, but allowing enough headroom for further processing down the line.

Please PM me if you would like to purchase separately from Bandcamp and we can get something sorted - PayPal is good. :slight_smile:

Please also let me know if there are any issues with the pack and I will sort them out ASAP.


heck yeah, suspected it was on the way and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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@Claid you’re an absolute legend! Purchased immediately!


This is dope. Thank you!

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I’ll be grabbing this a bit later. Might scratch my Perkons itch, at least for a little while :wink:

Nice work. I also really liked the DR-2 pack you made recently.

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I have to say these sounds are very cool. I was especially surprised by the bass sounds this beast can make. I’ll be definitely using these samples for future productions.

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Glad you’re all having fun, thank you and enjoy!

I was surprised by the bass sounds as well, the bass and kick are the stars of the show on the Pērkons.

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Everybody who purchased already - please download again. There was lots of space present at the start of each sample caused by some issue when rendering.

Also I have halved the size of the pack without sacrificing quality by ditching unnecessary stereo information (each sample was mono anyway but presented in a stereo file - no longer).

Finally, I have trimmed the ends of the samples in order to make them easier to play in reverse without amending the end point in your sampler and to economise on space.


You are an absolute hero.

Making the Live racks for that price was just pushing the boat out and very generous.

Here is my tip for anyone getting this pack.

Stick M4L ‘Instant Haus’ before the rack.
Then stick 3 LFO tools after the rack.
Map LFO 1 to to the selector macros.
Map LFO 2 to LFO 1 Depth
Map LFO 3 to LFO 2 Depth
Map LFO 1 to LFO 3 Depth

Tweak all the LFO offsets and phases, play around with the LFO speeds, whilst bashing randomise on instant haus.

Then start adding an effects chain and go nuts mapping the LFOs to those.


You almost have a Perkons :smiley:

I’m sure there are other sequencers you can do this with but instant haus was the first one I could think of that would be pre-set to change the rhythms easily. Initially it doesn’t hit the FX and Bass parameters, but you can see which empty slots are lighting up. Just drag those selector slots into the empty drum rack slots that you can see are firing.

I suggested this to my friend and he replied ‘‘getting instant Pole Group techno grooves’’. It’s rare he gives my techniques a go, so that can be considered a success. It’s the quality of this sample pack that gets results, as much as the process!

I bought the LXR-02 pack too, and will get the rest after I get paid next :slight_smile:


Oooooh this is super interesting, thanks for providing such a great idea, and in such detail! I’m going to try this out straight away. Instant Haus is super fun but I’ve never used it with LFOs, gonna dive in straight away. :smiley:

If I get these sorts of results, I’m gonna update the packs with these tricks baked-in. :smiley:


Corpus and Shifter are useful effects, also being modulated. I know a bunch of the Pole Group producers use Corpus, and I’ve had some moments of getting close but not hear enough. I think high FM modulations help

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I used the Perkons samples with the Polyend Play to create some crazy breakbeats. Great samples!

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Great video, I wasn’t interested in the Play until now. Seems like a fast and fun way to come up with inventive and inspiring loops. Love those instant effects in performance mode. Thanks for the shoutout, you’ve made my week!

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I’m glad you like it. Thanks again for the samples! Very tasty sample fodder for all kinds of sampling devices.

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Do you sell a bundle?

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I’m sure I could cut you a deal, send a PM!