Entire new album made with just the Digitone

Hi, I just released this 6 song album made 100% with the Digitone. It’s almost all recorded live, with a few small overdubs. I’m not sure how to describe the genre… it’s heavily polyrhythmic (I’ve been listening to a lot of African electronic music like Francis Bebey and Hama). Also influenced by 80s ambient stuff, and the DX7 album made by Beverly Glenn-Copeland.

I love my Digitone. Since I got it last August I’ve been using it almost exclusively. It sounds fantastic, and the limitations push me forward rather than hold me back. I think it’s kind of funny and a challenge to play live shows with just this small device. And it’s so small I can use it in bed. I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue, which is very debilitating. This album was made in bed as a form of therapy for myself.


HUGE Kraus fan here, excited to log on and jam this tonight


nice stuff here!

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I like it :slight_smile: each track develops nicely.

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