Ensoniq Fizmo

I was looking around for a ambient/pad synth to complement my setup, was almost going to buy a Waldorf Blofeld. Then I happened to find an Ensoniq Fizmo for cheap and nabbed it!

Pretty excited, I’ve been reading about this synth for a long time. Lots of cool demos on YouTube. Anyone have any experience with this one?

reviving hello, you are still here? Still Fizmoing? :smiley: What’s your opinion on this synth, how much did you pay for it? It’s on my dreamsynth list for a very long time!

I had one for a while. It was a neat synth. I’m a big fan of Ensoniq synths in general and the Transwaves in particular. It’s worth mentioning that the MR Rack shares much with the Fizmo, but can be had for a lot less money. It isn’t purple, though…

I know but hate racks, love performance! Imagine sequencing fizmo with an elektron wooooow

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i know I saw one years ago for 650euros but it was sold within a few hours

I’m with you on that. The MR is a tiny thing, too, with little in the way of visual display.

Hmmm, you’ve just given me a bit of inspiration. I have an SD-1 and have not yet tried sequencing it from an Elektron… I must remedy that oversight.


the best inspiration comes from combining the weaknesses with the strengths of another bit of gear! :smiley:

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lovely dreamy sleepy ambient track:



I bought one a few years back - got a great deal on it, and (probably rightfully) assumed it was my only practical chance of owning this rather rare and intriguing synth. I ended up selling it (for more than I bought it for, yay) within a few months. I loved the aesthetics of it, the story, the oddness, the ambient emphasis. And yes, the rare lustworthiness. But practically speaking, I just ended up not finding the sound character all that inspiring. It’s only capable of sounding either dreamy fluid ambient (see video above) or oddly metallic. The dreamy fluid ambient stuff just comes out of the synth with zero effort on your part - you barely have to know what the (esoterically labeled) knobs do, just twist and play some chords, and you get some results exactly like the above. But when everything sounds like the above - beautiful for a few minutes on one track, but then, okay, let’s move on to other timbres, other sounds, let’s stay interesting - there’s not a whoooole lot more the Fizmo can offer. A great synth if you want to put out, say, a new age Ecco the Dolphin ambient limited cassette every month for a full year. Not so much if you want something with a deep soundset, flexibility, coherent synthesis, etc. etc. Probably better off as your 6th or 7th synth that gets brought out at odd moments rather than one of your 2 or 3 main synths (which, budget and space wise, is all I’ll ever really have)


Always wanted one of these, mainly because of this amazing demo.

I got one chance to play with it in a music store when I was in high school, remember being very confused by it but loved the sounds that were coming out of it

it"s not about main to go synth! Flexibility! Can it do this and this and this, NO!
It’s all about character, lofi, dreamy, lush, ambient, weird scapes, gassing other soundpallettes, etc.

Nice one and in the middle some vocoding style sounds, it has something old, crappy lofi but usable in a good way.

Love this weird evolving wobbly thing going into darker places:

This was on my wanted list for a while. I managed to find one yesterday for a pretty good price, 1,100 USD in a hard case.

It’s the metallic lo-fi edge I’m looking forward to. I use the ESQ a lot so I’m pretty excited to see what I can get out of this.

At the very least, it’ll be sampling fodder!


Congrats! It’s also been on my wanted list forever, ever since I played one in a music store in the late 90’s