Empress Zoia

thing is a bit of a wet dream eh?

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Has any radioactive incident happened in France we should know of? :thinking: :wink:


Better than Analog Heat?

Well not exactly in that the Zoia is unapologetically digital. It seems to accept that better than others.


You clearly said best digital distortion so I don’t get the comparison to Analog Heat, which ain’t supposed to be digital.

I went through “analog is best, and tube is best of all” distortion snob phase myself. :wink:

Then I started to appreciate digital distortion approaches like bit crushers.

I just meant IF it’s better…I didn’t imply it is or not. Question mark :wink:

JRRShop is blowing out Analog Drive for $99. FYI

Analog Drive you mean? :content:

Oops, you’re right it’s the Analog Drive being sold for $99, not Analog Heat.

Fixed previous post

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I asked Hainbach if he planned to post whatever patches he comes up with, and he said he would. He’s a fascinating character.


Oooh, was just Googling to see if this is possible.

So copying pages between patches is in the dev pipeline?

(Love the responsiveness to and engagement with users from Empress, btw!)

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Whos got a petite travel case recommendation for this beaut?

This is implemented now - I did this an hour ago.

[edit - to be clear - you can copy pages within a patch - on rereading I think you mean copying pages from one patch to another - that I have not done, and it may not be implemented].

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Hey, can this Zoia box replace a Lexicon MPX-G2 ?

Or even a MPX-1 ?



First of all I must say, that I am not against Zoia, BUt, I have two main questions:

  1. As a synth, can it make bread and butter sounds that sound really good, like great bass, leads and so on? I mean if it can’t what’s the point? I didn’t see any demos until now to impress me soundwise. I mean interface is not really great, so at least the effort to be paid in great sounds.
  2. Can it act as multi effects box? I mean with multi delays and multi reverbs? And if yes, do they sound as great as other empress effects? If not, again, what’s the point.
    Thanks a lot!

When you take the processing power of a Zoia into account (which shows also in its price) you will never be able to accomplish the same as with dedicated units.

So don’t forget about the thought of “multi-delays + multi reverbs + what-not” in best empress quality all at the same time.

Functionwise the Zoia is a modular system in a foot pedal housing. And as each modular system its most important strength is flexibility. The basic parts may be simple, but when you wire them up into a complex setup it may deliver “wonders” (depending on your imagination and capabilities to make it work).

It’s “synth” capabilities are nowhere near a dedicated synth. Think of them as oscillators in a modular system which can be modulated by the incoming audio or augment the incoming audio. I guess that’s a much better view of them. And like the oscillators in a modular system they will sound “meh” (up to okay) by their own. You need to build something with them and the other modules to get it to an “interesting” level.

The Zoia wants you to tinker around and invent new kinds of effects or effect variations. Ever wanted to customize a shimmer effect in much more detail than the pedal you had allows? Here we go. That’s where the Zoia flourishes.


I get what u say, but I just still have to hear those capabilities flourish.
Like I said, I still didn’t get impressed by any video up until now.
On paper is great, just wanna hear examples of that greatness.
Also, in a great monosynth, just a fat oscillator and a filter plus envelope, u get a good sound…

I think you’re completely missing the point with both of those questions.

100% this. Its power is only limited by your creativity; be unique and make things that matter to you.

Are you familiar with the Disting module? Think of it like that but as opposed to only one module at a time you have access to as many as the CPU allows.

On the Zoia you can add before a Ghost-lite emulation a heavily modulated granular sampler being fed into a plethora of distortions modulated by the original signals dynamics (envelope follower). Or something.

You can’t do that on their Reverb unit (or any multi fx unit) and that is the point of the Zoia. If they put in a single algorithm from their Reverb unit you could only do just that and that’s not the point.