Empress Zoia

The Zoia is on sale for $424 at Perfect Circuit. The sale is now live-ends on Sunday. I ordered mine but didn’t realize that it didn’t include a power adapter :frowning:

Can it be powered by a One Spot? I see in the pic of the housing that there’s a 9V power jack.


I think they figured in addition to keeping cost down tone chasers would have a compatible power supply sittin around somewhere.

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Nice find!

Looks like the One Spot will work for me - at least for the time being. I’ve used it to power my tuner pedal, Infinite Jets, Gamechanger Audio Plus, and EHX DMM 550TT without obvious (to me) noise issues. I get more noise from my crappy Guitar Center instrument cables.

Does anyone use two mono signals instead of stereo - I mean two separate effect chains? What sort of things you do with that setup?

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Using a different signal in the feedback path of a delay can be fun as hell.
Dual Channel multi effects.

The Sky is the limit…And processor…:yum:

Do you mean using another effect pedal in a sidechain?

Not especially. I love controlling parameters of an effect with enveloppe followers for exemple.

Imagine you have a pad runinng and you are playing a synth solo on it, every Time the pad rises, it automatically sweep the filter of your solo synth so it is always on top…

Or you have a delay setup on a hat and each Time your snare hits the delay Time is switched to a new value … Things like that…


You need to buy Times magazine? :stuck_out_tongue:

Autocorrect, my love…

I have my ZOIA with reverb and delay pedals in a ‘loop’ so that I can run it either before or after the outboard effects.


A few of us on the Facebook page have been attempting to do this. Similar results to what you’re experiencing. Still pecking at this one.

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I made a fair amount of progress recently (and forgot to tell you directly, sorry!) But I did use it in a few recent patches and wrote about it on Tips and Tricks… check the entry for loopers. I gave it, perhaps, a poor title “Improved looper triggering from audio (dynamic loop record)” It could be tweaked for specific use cases, but I’ve been generally pleased with the results (You can hear it/try it out on LoopDelayErVerb and Moody Afternoon–Willem’s also used it in a few patches):


Can it replace the Echosystem pedal?

i have them both and the answer is no, maybe, eventually - I guess, as i haven’t gone into deep depth with the zoia and its delay engine. i reckon with a lot of work you’d be able to mimic some modes of the echosystem for sure.I kept the echo for the shoddy beta looper alone just because there’s no real loop length limitation (subject to the card you’re using). if i had to ditch one of them it would be certainly the echo though


finally got to read through this and glad to see that my initial hunch to use comparator wasn’t fully off - great to see it broken down and will revisit my efforts. thanks for sharing!

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Thank you! Just got my Zoia and have been checking out your awesome patches.

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9/10 (maybe 99/100?) the answer involves at least one of: comparator, multiplier, or switch. Never doubt your hunch when your hunch says comparator, because chances are good, it will be in the mix somewhere! :slight_smile:


i wish we had a one shot lfo - but thats what the comparator is doing (square wave one shot)… someone suggested a counting module that could also come in handy.
i ended up with CV flip flop and some too narrow sweet spot on the on set detector… but now I’m just waffling
still stoked by this device!

I figured a one-shot LFO could be done, so I did it, then wrote about it. Not the most straight-forward design, but not the most complicated one, either. Check the Tips & Tricks under LFO or multiplier.

A one-shot module or option on the LFO module might be nice, but it’s pretty low priority for me if it can be achieved by other means.