Empress Zoia


Has anyone done a reverb freeze program ?


Ah so tonight I was like “where are those sick sounds hidden in this box? And where is the flanger feedback btw? Oh I wonder if I actually create a loopback… of course it works !!”

⇒ welcome to level 2 !


Ill finally be with mine in less than a week!

So now youve all had some time with it what are some tips on getting started?


Yeah I’ve been doing a bunch of work building distortions around feedback loops and it’s been wonderful.


My suggestion is to have a dual mono to female stereo cable so that you can plug headphones and bring it on the couch.
OT is also nice to use with it as you can set up a send/return loop with the Z.

Otherwise I pair it with the Empress Reverb, that adds many benefits:

  • you don’t overload ZOIA patches with reverbs
  • adds many buttons for live tweaking
  • among them is a volume knob !

I still have to use a stereo mini jack to send MIDI from ZOIA to the Reverb… I guess such cable might need some tweaking, but maybe not ! Got to check this.


There are a few Ct5-alike patches on PatchStorage…!


Still not had much time to dig deep on mine, but man the possibilities are pretty head spinning, for anyone tempted to ask can it do “insert thing here” it probably almost certainly can.

Where it gets interesting for me is the way that midi, audio and cv are able to interact in just about as transparent a way as seems possible.

I have not fully grasped advanced patch construction and handling yet, most of my experiments have been single page proof of concept type dabblings, I’m thinking that building up a vocabulary and working out how best to build things is going to serve me well later, so I’m mostly just trying stuff out on a piecemeal basis, whilst observing CPU requirements and thinking about how to construct more ambitious things both from a layout and usability point of view.


I’m selling this for it…


Ill be on vaca so Im considering whether to start from a blank grid or dl a bunch of choice patches to have some fun at first. I think ill do the latter as I won’t have much mind to get into the weeds.


So I have been following this thread from the very beginning my biggest question is this (from users here not reviewers on youtube) … on a scale of 1-10 how does the reverb stack up? Compared to their dedicated reverb pedal. I have a Strymon timeline and have been on the fence on purchasing the Zoia its an amazing piece from what I can tell, I have been looking at Seymour Duncan Darksun, empress reverb, the boss RV 500 or the GFI specular tempus (really like this one). I have gone to a very minimal setup and reverb quality is high on the list if I am going to add a new piece.


@LyingDalai? He also also have the Empress Reverb, told me he was thinking about selling his Space (Eventide), but I bet reverb algorithms are not the best on the Zoia, logically.


Can it do my laundry?


Yup, that’s my feeling too, that reverb may not be the “best”.
thanks !


Audio / midi laundry only.


I have a Zoia, a Reverb, and a Timeline. The reverbs on the Zoia are good, and most likely share some dna with the standalone machine, but they certainly do not replace the depth of verbs on the Reverb. However you can do a lot of cool and interesting tricks with Zoia patches that really push what a reverb is, so I think it really comes down to how much do you want to tweak and build stuff, versus how much do you just want incredible reverb straight out of the box.


Why did I not do this a year ago?!? I might have to make a 2 Zoia + Reverb couch setup. Thanks for the suggestion!


I am not much of a tweaker(please no jokes) but I can see myself programming patches with the Zoia. I was considering the 1010music blackbox as a separate purchase, but since that is off my radar maybe a Zoia and the GFI Specular Tempus or is it Tempus Specular? I can never get it right :grin:
or the Zoom 70cdr ( an underrated box IMHO) save a few bucks and as I am recalling now that I write this was scarily close to some of the Strymon presets.
Ok so Zoia maybe back in again with a dedicated reverb pedal to supplement.
Thanks for the feedback!


I’m having a zoom cdr renaissance since I discovered the github tool for it. Great for noodling out odd effects.


looking into it now thanks !


I really like the reverb, i would give IT … Hmmm … 8.5? I have 2 reverbs in pedals that are not to good - one in a multifx pedalboard boss GT 100 - you can t really compare to it, Boss reverb is ok to use it in a guitar, haven’t really tried with anything else- and a Mooer ocean Machine - which I really like it as a creative pedal, but the reverb is not very clean.

My vst fav out reverb is the eventide space but the one in Zoia seems even less… grainy? One of the things that I like more in a reverb is the ability to have a clean sound and, to my ears the zoia is second to none - at least the ones that I have tried. I also like that when you use the time to the max you get some kind of really nice resonance that sounds really good and natural.

I only give it 8.5 - and not 10 - because i did not an exhaustive test, I did not do A-B testing, nor an exhaustive comparison, I just listen to it and tried to be as impartial as possible. It is indeed an amazing clean and natural reverb that then you can add all of the modulation caos that you want. :slight_smile: