Empress Zoia


Earlier in the thread it was reported that some Zoia reverbs consume quite a bit of CPU.

I plan to get a Zoia sometime this year but am keeping my H9 Max for various reasons - avoidance of one box taking all reverb duties being one of them.


Yup - the ‘big’ reverb patch is heckin’ hungry. I never leave home without a reverb pedal or two, regardless. The Zoia has so much more potential than being ‘just a reverb pedal’, though.


Mmm yeah, i suppose i’ll miss a dedicated reverb when playing with the Zoia :wink:


Agreed. I also preordered a VFE Klein Bottle, which has 3 send busses, among other things. It will let me route audio between three devices (eg. Zoia, H9, and Octatrack) in some handy ways.


Ive put an ADSR After the envelope follower so that the modulation isn’t so “hectic” I then

So the ADSR goes into the delay parameters and then the delay goes into a gate and the gate goes into a VCA.

I might remove either the gate or VCA as they sorta do the same job of gating the output.

I’ve also been thinking of adding a filter after the envelope follower to filter out the CV in different frequencies to modulate different effects.

For instance have a delay rate for a high frequency delay modulated by the low frequencies of the signal and vice versa. I think it could turn out pretty cool.


Cant wait for the “big” review from you :slight_smile:
Almost pulled the trigger almost.


Aaaand we have new firmware, with a granular module :aw:



I was having a play last night with the looper; tryin to get some Alva Noto/Ryuichi Sakamoto ‘incremental sampling’ going on. This machine is just bananas! It was working, then not, then it was, then it did something I wasn’t expecting, then I sort of made it work but not really so I stopped because my head was hurting.

Time to update with the granular!


Lordy lord.

Man Empress does not mess around with updating this thing. Bodes well for the future.


Have had my Zoia only briefly - but setting it sending midi pc and assigning my expression pedal routing per patch will be really useful to me! Had a brief test only with reverbs and at least it will be usable on my band setup. Have to try to build a kickass bass crunch/fuzz patch.


Hopefully they implement a Disting 4 level of modules - then we’re cookin’


I just spent some time with the granular module, it is really super flexible and adding all kinds of nice new sounds to the Zoia. Or at least it’s making some sounds much easier to achieve haha…

So. Can someone help me out here? I don’t know anything about granular synthesis. I get that it’s grabbing snippets of the signal and playing them back, I understand I can change the pitch and freeze the recording, but I’m wondering if someone could elaborate on what the controls are actually doing. I found lots of lovely sounds, but I’m a little lost on the how and why. School me please nauts :ecstatic:


Pulled the trigger on Zoia!
OT, AK and OP-1 cant wait to hear, what the new cue out will sound like :wink:
Hope i can handle the interface - no modular knowledge, but learned OT pretty quickly and i love out-of-the-box machines :slight_smile:


Yeah! You’ll love it. The interface is super easy to use and build your own workflow around.


I haven’t had enough time with it but when I do, it’s wonderful.

It’s more than effects. It’s an instrument and a controller as well. It’s a tool that you can turn it into whatever you need. You will not be disappointed.


Is it possible to send midi notes or CCs with the sequencer module? With lfos?


Yup! It can do hella much, I have not dug deep yet but can easily do this kind of thing.


Uh oh. Look whos joined the party.

Thinking of sequencing it and the AR to give the AR a nice digital coat.


Great with OT and A4 with their stereo audio ins and midi/cv out
Haven’t tried AR yet


I wonder if the loopers and other modules can be set up to do what the Montreal Assembly Count To 5 does… if so that would make it really tempting.