Empress Zoia


Prymaxe has been inconsistent - I got lucky in getting the discount, others did too, others weren’t able to. I saw people (on the Zoia FB page) reporting getting the discount even a week or two ago. It’s worth trying, anyway.


Thanks guys you don’t do resisting this device any easier!

Do you actually mess around with the modular patching or save something and then use the ready-made patches?


I’ve cleared the decks on mine and am starting from scratch. Some of the patches on the Zoia out of the box are amazing, but I don’t really want to use presets for my own work. I’m a ground-up kind of a guy!


Only quickly scrolled through the presets the fist time i booted up. Some of them sound pretty good, but for me zoia is all about designing my own sounds.


This. Running OT cue output into this super tempting …


https://reverb.com/item/23647940-empress-effects-zoia-multi-effects?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=share <- Someone better grab this demo unit Zoia for $390…


I saw it last night. Sent them a message to see about overall quality of it. No response yet :frowning:


The built in patches are good, but I bought this to make my own. So far I have made to keep, a stereo clone of Shallow Water, a sample rate reducer & bitcrusher (think Ottobit jr.) & a midi sequencer with modulation cc out for my Dreadbox Nyx. I want to make something like Mutable Instruments Clouds next, if possible, not sure yet how I’m going to do this, but hopefully I can get something similar :slight_smile:


I would have to get my hands on one to try out. Still- as a pedal and synth junkie, I play guitar and synths it would be loads of fun. Right now I sample my guitar tracks to my OT and remix.


(At least) one person is working on it. Maybe check theirs out and see what you can do…



That’s the plan. And with 24 LFOs?? :surfing_woman:


Can it do
Tempo syncd stuff.(delays , Lfo sweeps etc)
Vocoder type things (either with built in synth carrier or external carrier + audio input)
Can i put samples on it via storage and make drum machine etc.

I watched cuckoo’s latest vid from super booth and it looks quite intuitive , it seems to be gaining more interest than the mod duo device (which is quite expensive )
The reverbs sound nice , i’’l keep an eye on patch storage as they seem to feature audio examples too , very handy if you don’t have one.


Not yet but definitely coming.

I guess the mod duo got delayed. And from (the little) I’ve heard it doesn’t sound nearly as nice as the Zoia.


No mention of the bypass? so guessing it’s buffered only with no option for analog bypass.


Is this pedal suited for LINE input or more suited and designed for instrument input ?

Thinking of two of these but want signal to be pristine
One for a stereo EFX unit for my Matrixbrute --analog EFX are not that great on MB
Another other for a send return EFX unit for my Prime X1800 DJ mixer.
Thanks in advance


How’s the reverb on this?


A vocoder should be doable. Everything you need to build one is present (a lot of bandpass filters and envelope followers, seems like). Someone who wanted to try building a vocoder would just have to copy the Nord Modular patch here, in section 8.1 “vocoder techniques” - http://www.cim.mcgill.ca/~clark/nordmodularbook/nordmodularbook.pdf

(that book is a goldmine for Zoia explorations)


the percussion/noise/texture on this track is Digitakt drums into Zoia [4 loopers, different low-pass filter for each looper, all summing into a plate reverb, heavy tweaking of filter frequencies and filter Qs throughout]:


Good old Glitch…


Do the filters ping?