Empress Zoia


How do you plan to remplace the opz by a zoia? They seem like pretty different beasts… Can you, for instance, program a bass synth with its sequencer + a little sample player with its own sequencer as well on the zoia?


I guess with two Zoias I can picture many ways for them to interconnect; midi seems pretty solid both ways. Plus, I find the synths in the Zoia good enough on their own, and deep generative sequencing is definitely possible. No sample player in it though, but I find it so bothersome to inject samples in the OPZ that I wouldn’t miss it that much.
But yeah, they are totally different machines, not trying to start a comparison or whatever between the two of them. I guess it’s just a testament of how much the Zoia is inspiring to me


Well. I managed to sell a guitar today (I swear I barely touch them anymore haha) and just placed an order for the Zoia.

Really looking forward to experimenting and getting to know it. I’m particularly interested in its potential as a looper. I’m thinking it will be pretty simple to recreate some of the magic found in the Count to Five. Anyone out there getting lots of use out of the looper, or multiple instances of the looper at once?

It might even manage to replace my Timeline, but we’re going to have to wait and see on that. I’m thinking it will fit really nicely on the little gap on the right hand side of the Rev 2 :ecstatic:


Strikes me that as well as all the awesome audio stuff Zoia can do, it could also be set up as a fairly crazy and user configurable midi and cv control surface? Anyone delved into that side yet?


Not yet, but as soon as I get a minute I’m going to see how I can make it play with the MIDI side on my Strymon big-box pedals and the Red Panda Tensor. LFO all the things!


After the honeymoon phase, how you are finding Zoia?


So many great user-made patches, so little time! It’s a keeper.


Is it easy to load the new patches on?


Relatively easy. It’s not eventide’s iOS app easy… you basically drop them on a micro SD card and load through a menu on device. You have to watch the patch numbers in the filenames, and rename them with the numbers you want at the front of the file. The manual is really clear about it.


This thing is amazing. Probably the most innovative pedal in a while.

Definitely on my list!


It’s fantastic. It can be anything I want it to be and so much more. It’s definitely one of the best things I’ve ever bought.


It’s amazing. Changing up my whole workflow. I don’t need to problem solve “which of my gear or software can do this specific thing? How do I do it?” and instead just build the exact custom thing I want within, like, a 30 minute session with the Zoia. Most importantly, Zoia is neither intimidating nor a drag to use. I want to spend as much time as possible with it. It’s addictive.

Working on selling or trading away my Organelle.

BTW, Bitwig’s new “Grid” in 3.0 beta is also amazing, if you can’t afford a Zoia and you’re okay with sitting at a computer, I would wager that could be the next best thing. It includes an FX Grid for building your own modular effects. Personally, I’m planning on using both Zoia and Bitwig 3.0 in combination (still need to explore Zoia’s MIDI capabilities, but the CV port works wonderfully to interface with Bitwig’s “CV In” and “CV Out” modules, via my DC-coupled audio interface). You could make entire albums from scratch with this pairing! Or, y’know, just with either of them by themselves, too. I’m keen to hear the first “Zoia only” album someone comes up with, actually.

(To be honest, considering a new Bitwig license costs $399 USD and that’s the exact price I paid for a Zoia via a sale deal, I’d say you’re getting a hell of a lot of hardware for roughly the same price as a DAW)


Can you send envelopes and LFOs to midi CCs?


Just got mine 2 days ago. Been using it with digitone and octatrack. Oh my, this is an awesome setup!
The zoia adds so much to my sound. I’ve only been using its for effects so far. Luckily I have no plans this weekend so plenty of time to explore.


Is that sale still going on? I want one :slight_smile:




Memorial Day sale coming up at Prymaxe.


I’ve not really had (or made) a vast amount of time to play with it properly, TBH. However, from the small experiments I’ve done and sounds that I am aware it can make has pretty much filled any gear-gap for the rest of the year.

Wanted a Moog? Basically got one. Want a super-flexible multi-tap delay? Got one. Want some super-weird sub-sine reverb’d phaser drone? Got one! The only thing holding me back right now is my lack of understanding on how some of the logic stuff works; I’ve picked apart a few of the generative synth patches to see how the random notes/gates work and sort of get it (but not really).

Whatever the weather, I can’t see me buying any more gear this year because I want to dig into this one deep. Combined with a Keystep and my current ambient-ish pedalboard for guitar, I’ve got everything I need to be Hotel Neon as a one-person band!


Let’s hope it’s on direct sale, says under sale exclusions section Empress is ineligible for discounts :frowning:

@Waves the Pink Floyd On the Run demo patch he did sounded excellent!


My wallet breathes a sigh of relief.

Already preordered the hardware Nanoloop and VFE Klein Bottle. Zoia and Wing Pinger are both pulling at the wallet.

Not going to make much progress in building my rainy day fund this year.