I bought MD UW+ something like a week ago.
I’m waiting for Jimi Hendrix to love it.
Added Black faceplate. Ok, it’s lovely, but…

What if I sell it and buy an AR instead, as I don’t care about Elvis?(ok Elvis, wake up, I wont wait)
I’m quite sure to be much more confident in sampling / resampling with OT.

That said, I tried it again with AH, another story, but what if it was an AR, or an OT, or a hair dryer.


I just saw Elvis!!! Today is a good day


Lucky you are !


Any Jimi Hendrix option ? :content:




I can’t believe the doubters
Why can’t you see?
We can’t go on together with such suspicious minds


I have had this god damn machine for 12 years. 12. Never once have I been visited by Elvis. I’m going to reassess my life choices now.


After 12 years I’d try a makeover to compensate or change back luck. :content: