Ive seen it twice on my MD. It was different both times and i want to say different from this one.
I saw one that had his face and his name written out.


Oh man! Thank you for letting me SEE it!


Interesting. Not the image I saw. Mine was cartoony. I think he was wearing sunglasses and had a speech bubble that said something like “this machine is ok”. Don’t totally remember because it happened so long ago


YES…that was one of the ones i saw too.
i saw two different ones.
the one i posted wasnt one i saw. posted by someone else.


I got him last month… first thing that popped to mind was: “I need to chat with Dubathonic asap”


Looks very fake to me… E.g the edges shouldn’t be stepped like that. The right hand side especially looks like a low-res image that has been rotated to match the background.


You wouldnt know if you havent seen him :slight_smile:


He hasn’t made an appearance on my MD yet. :slight_smile:

Though every time I turn it on, if I look away I think “shit, maybe I missed him”.


Like i said, i saw him twice. Once was his head with sunnies and his name written. The Second was out of the corner of my eye. It was different, but i cant remember it.
Makes you watch it when you turn it in though :slight_smile:


… this! Some dude with sunglasses saying “This machine is OK”. I didn’t realize it was Elvis at that moment, though.


i believe the correct line is “This piece of machine is ok”

never seen it whilst looking at the screen but once in 2010 he showed up, whilst i was looking the other way, noticed something was different, i looked and he was gone.


Not only is the king still alive inside the MD, but Elvis foretold the arrival of the OTmk2 to @sezare56 back in May…



I won’t make an “Elvis vs Clint”, I promise. :smile:


I just saw it few minutes ago. I’m Still under shock (0)
It was not a lengend… :wink:


The King…… Yeah after the shock please describe it if possible. Thanks!


I saw him when pluging all m’y gears, my eyes where on the mono machine and when I look back at the MD screen i saw him desapearing. He occupy the right place of the screen and picture screen sized hight, a head-and-shoulders portrait, twist 3/4 left, a jacket with raised collar i think, with tidy hear.
Sorry for being not much precise, but I just saw him desapearing.
What a nice vision on my MD screen.


Hey, I just saw it right now.
This pièce of gear is ok, written on the left side of the screen. Black glasses, portrait 3/4 face on the right of the screen.
Two times on a short period… is that a signe ?


Facebook told me that I’ve had my Machinedrum for seven years today.
Turned it on and… Elvis!
I love this machine.
MD forever.


Had that same thing happen to me! I let myself think it was the machine telling me I had been accepted…

You max out Param Locks much?


In the past it happen a lot of time. But, since one year, i work more on minimal production and also with external sequencer, so it happen less, near no more.
Do you think there’s a link with Elvis ?