I just saw it… and I almost missed it too.


It’s not Elvis, but it is very colour related…


id like to have a poster of md elvos
or some wiggle pic wallpaper would be king


i’m convinced the elvis thing doesn’t exist. you guys are all lunatics. mass hallucination. too much elektron kool-aid, sez me.

prove me wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The best thing about Elvis and the other easter eggs is that there may never be video proof of them, because who would be crazy enough to record a video of the LCD every time they turn the machine on until it finally happens?


Im going to sacrifice my battery :smirk_cat: haunting for those easter eggs and the king…


I knew I could bait someone into doing it. :troll:


What annoys me was when I saw a used one at the guitar center it happened when I needed to test it. Camera was not on. It’s the warner brothers singing frog all over again. I have a tripod and Nikon D5500 on its way. Maybe it will come out on my new unit.


guess one could hook up the device to some USB-controlled power plug and a rPI, then continuously power-cycle and take video/screenshots of the boot sequence until the magic manifests


This is like ghost hunters but we know Elvis exists. oh!


I think Simon and the Elektrons may know how to trigger Elvis.

there must be a command to unleash the Magic


Trigless Elocks…


Finally saw Elvis! Was power cycling after an ominous MD hang and saw him! I’ve had my MD and used it solidly for a good 8 years, although I have a feeling it’s completely random, regardless of age. Cool little easter egg, regardless!


The king lives, I wish more boxes had this. Feature request!


I’ve seen Elvis, long ago, in the early MD days. I have two MnM and have never seen it’s ghost, didn’t even know it had one. Does the OT have any cool Easter eggs? Never seen one, but I’m not convinced that it isn’t in there somewhere. Never seen the RYTM one either.


Hahaha awesome! Ive seen him twice on my MD only. Two diff images! Its hilarious!


Elvis. finally the ghost in the Machine :elmd: i didnt see any egg just the King! in a ASCIIesque style saying ¨MachineDrum is an awesome piece of gear¨ thats it Elvis! so cool Elektron.


The King IS the Egg.


Finally, after 12 years of owning it, I saw The King on my UW MKI!

Makes me think: How many times I have switched this thing on, triggered a BD or SN in this amount of time?


I’ve never seen anything like this on the OT and I’ve owned mine since 2011. The Elvis thing is just too funny and I really wish more companies did this sort of stuff.

Does anyone have a pic of the Elvis image?