Elektronauts meetup nijmegen?

I work @ De Basis in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) We support musicians (pop, hiphop, electronic) in their development.


We coach artists, we organize a lot of events about recording, studio experience, song writing process, try-out gigs, we do projects together with the university, we have gear nights, etcetera.

Anyone interested in an elektronauts meetup?

Anyone experience with organizing an elektronauts meetup?

What would you expect (hope) from an elektronauts meetup?


Cool idea ! Would definitely try to drop by.
I think the ability to jam together a bit, talk setups, and just in general talk about music and performances would be nice. Certainly a first meetup I’d try to keep things a bit low key and just focussed on meeting up and nerd out on what we enjoy.

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Good idea! If day/date fits my workdays in Nijmegen i probably come by.

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And yes, some jamming, chatting and trying out other gear is enough for a start.

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Nijmegen is wat ver voor mij. Veel users in Amsterdam though so I’d be happy to organize something here if there are others

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I’ll be there in Nijmegen and I’m sure I can get some fellow elektron nimma’s to join!

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If it times out when I’m in Nijmegen, I’d love it! Won’t be there again until nearly Christmas time, sadly

I used to live in Berlin, there it was very normal to travel 1,5 hours to go to our club. Strange enough, in the Netherlands the feeling is that we travel to the other side of the country, everything feels far away. Fair enough though


Maybe a Saturday is better than a Thursday evening. Or?

It’s true, although it’s not only distance and also about time management with work and other projects that unfortunately make it a bit harder to come out that way😞

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Would be a 2x2h trip by train but maybe on a free weekend :grin:

Since I am back from holiday, I am kind of shocked about my own agenda in normal days. I wanted to go to amsterdam yesterday to see luwten @ Concertgebouw, but prefer to stay in Nijmegen. No need to do it all