Elektronauts.com iPhone bugs? (FIXED)

Clicking my profile icon on the iPhone brings up the notifications and I can click those no problem. But the “down arrow” brings an infinite spinner.

Looks like I can click over to the bookmarks but the mail tab is infinite spinner.

I can click to the profile tab fine but the summary button causes infinite spinner. Same with activities, invites (not that I need them), drafts, and preferences.

However, on my iPad, on the same (latest nonbeta) iOS, on the same WiFi does not have this problem.



I saw some weirdness on iPhone chrome this morning. Site wouldn’t load at all. Had to open a new window.

Good call. Disabling “crystal” fixed it. Thanks!

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If it’s any consolation I’ve always used safari on my iPhone and never had any issues. Is it just a chrome issue?

I was using safari. It was a really old content blocker I didn’t even remember I had

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Case closed!

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