Elektron university?

Hi! Recent owner of Octatrack, new to electronic music creation, clueless, blah blah. I was trying to find if there are any online classes or anything designed to teach elektron gear (OT, DT) to beginners like me, and the only thing I found was some site called elektron university.

It costs $30 to sign up, but I can’t find any evidence that they’ve created more than one video, nor can I find any feedback from anybody who’s signed up for it. Can anybody here speak on it from experience?

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Don’t do that. Read the manual, read Merlin’s Guide. There are plenty of YouTube videos that you can learn from



…True Cuckoo, Max Marco, Loopop, SecretMusicUK, The Daydream Sound…

check out YouTube user shatteredsquare’s playlist called “efx” for a bunch of starting points, YouTube recommended algorithm will guide you from there…

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This is basically Elektron university, all the information you could ever need and beyond is 100% on this forum. If you get stuck 99% of the time if you make a post someone will either get back to you with a response or a link to an answer in like 30 minutes or less if not straight away. Do not pay


Pretty much what everyone else is saying.

I highly recommend checking out EZBOT on youtube.

Our very own @mpiecora

The tutorials are clear, short, and really well thought out!

He also has some DT tutorials :slight_smile:

And if you want to get really weird def checkout Max Marco!

Now if we had a guarantee that there were say 20 videos, each making a complete song (using a different technique or combo of techniques in each) then maybe consider it. But there is so much information going around I would find it hard to recommend unless someone else has done the course and can vouch for it.


Thanks, Selfup. You are the kindest person on this forum!


Thavius Beck

Excellent tutorials that you can purchase outright or buy a subscription plan. Macprovideo is one of the very few subscription services that I use. And I think there is a trial period where you can view their complete catalog. Very well produced tutorials


As others said, there are some great (free) YouTube videos, and also topics / guides on this forum.

Also search for topics on this forum on how to learn or start with octatrack, it’s been asked many times - and there is lots of great advice.

I think one consistent piece of advice is,
focus on one thing you want to learn/ do with the octatrack … learn that, use it , then move on to next.

The octatrack is deep , so don’t try to learn ‘everything’ in one go - rather take your time, enjoy the learning process.

Imho, This is why videos trying to teach you it all in one go are not a great idea.

Finally, whilst the octatrack can have us all scratching our heads at time, don’t get caught in the myth is difficult/ complicated - it’s pretty straightforward if you take it one step at a time

Have fun, the octatrack is a fun and rewarding instrument to learn to play :slight_smile:


@facepoppies type phrases into YouTube search like “octatrack sequencer” or “octatrack LFO” or “octatrack machines” to find specific topics, YouTube recommended algorithm will start suggesting relevant videos from what you click on and then you can go down the recommended list and right click them all into your own playlist, roll your own study course

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Something I need remind myself of

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Welcome! Same everybody has said. Plenty here if you search your problems under Octatrack. Also for me, I used the Elektron MK1 tutorials the most. I’m pretty sure they translate to the MK2 pretty well…But, yeah watch them over and over and follow the instructions. If you get stuck, I would always suggest to go to a blank Bank and try again.

Hi, pals. Anyone knows something about this video course? Elektron University

Hello! Some discussion on the topic below, although it seems there are now more videos available at Elektron Uni than in early 2020.

However, it’s very likely you’ll find all the same info, tips and tricks through this forum and on Youtube for free.


Yikes. I wouldn’t go anywhere near that. Go here instead:

Or check out any of @William_WiLD’s definitive lists for RYTM, A4, digitone, or OT if you’re after packs


Yeah, I don’t see why you’d pay for that. I’m a new Digitakt owner and I’ve found no shortage of free tutorials and tips and tricks videos on YouTube and there are a lot of experienced users here who make all kinds of music. I have no doubt that that’s true for the other boxes. Plus a lot of stuff carries over.

There’s also a Mindmeister map resuming some resources online for the OT.


hate the fact that the voice is software spelled like Dragon or something like that.
It can be good… i don’t know
I just check the introductory course.

To me Thavius Beck did a very great job at elektron 101 courses.
I think there’s more a market for intermediary and advanced courses. the basics of elektron gears are not hard to grasp. that’s my opinion.

Seem like there’s no updated courses since 11 month.

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If you need intermediate or advanced courses on the Octatrack, then Max Marco aka @defenestration has you completely and utterly covered.

30 videos of ridiculously in-depth explorations on the Octatrack’s capabilities and behaviour, with extended instruction on how to exploit them with various techniques., all on the tube. A lot of his performance videos include on screen text giving you a play-by-play, can be extremely instructive. This guy is absolutely the reason I bought an OT.

Also has a patreon where he offers project files + samples. He has a load of content on Machinedrum and Mono as well. Haven’t seen him around here lately, but dude if you read this, I really hope you are doing ok.

TLDR If you’re looking for Elektron University, here is the one man version.