Elektron Syntakt Trademark Speculations [closed]

Apparently you can disable a machine entirely in Rytm. Just means it’s not used I think.

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Ah thanks I see

no sign of any unwanted SaaS so far, so thats :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I can’t wait to find out

although I recognize I would pay for additional more specific machines in the same way I sometimes have paid for presets…

Looks like the Electron unveiling will be a damp squid at this rate with the retailers leaking the specs :slight_smile:

Can’t they just send them them the name / price and product category in advance and hold off on images and specs LOL

yeah - they might try and get us that way.


Anyone know if any of the ‘machines’ on their older legacy products MachineDrum etc incorporate the ability to playback samples? That would give the best of all worlds…

DJ Tech Tools has a pre-order page up.

A handful from the AR, probably everything from the MC, a handful from the MD and maybe even a few brand new ones.

First contact.



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The same as on the md. You could use the bud track as a midi but the last 4 were called m1-4

You don’t have to put kick samples on the bd track on the Digitakt right? Same idea. It’s a suggestion that you have 4 midi specific tracks or modifiers like ctrl- machines I’m guessing

good lord! Welcome home

The space eagle has landed on Elektron.se

Speculate no more, it’s time to salivate (and chat elsewhere) … :wink:



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Already ordered off elektron’s page!!!