Elektron Syntakt Trademark Speculations [closed]


I was expecting that link to be Rick Ashley :joy:

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Me too. I’ve only been ‘Rick Rolled’ once before and it was a link here. I would have taken this ‘RR’ on the chin.


Well, happy birthday :unamused:

The last Elektron release was 20 February 2020:

Granted, that was a Thursday, not a Sunday as that same date will be this year. But I feel we’re oh so damn close to a few teasers and a reveal v soon!


Really? Jeez it felt like a couple of months ago. :loopy:


Looks so much better…

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so it’s Wednesday, where is it?

this is a disgrace :rage:


Probably waiting for the Nintendo Direct to end first.


No that’s true customer care: No one has to spend their money :wink:

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Besides full on dedicated FM synthesis, what features do people think Syntakt will be missing that Digitone has? Say Syntakt has physical modeling, wavetable, va (likely including frequency modulation) and its the same price point, wouldnt fewer people buy digitone- since it has only one synthesis type and potentially otherwise the same features? This leads me to think that Syntakt will either be much pricier than DN, or simplified in significant ways compared to DN. I feel like a higher price point and no skimping on features would be preferable, and probably likely since there is a clamoring for an all out classic Elektron synth groovebox in digi format

That’s already been done: Model:Cycles. And with Ess out of the Elektron picture, I can’t see them doing anything FM. But like you said, lots of other forms of synthesis are available, more than a few of which are suitable for Takt (I.e., drums and rhythms). Regardless, I don’t think it’ll crossover with Digitone in any way. Elektron are very good at not cannibalising their own products. They always make it so you could potentially have them all!

I heard he’s been replaced by Tee.

That’s why you won’t see any device getting a MIDI Arp and 3 LFO’s outside the OT.

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I’d love to see a bit of a hybrid box.

say multitrack polysynth vibes but with sample engines in there to choose from too for breakbeats / drums / resampling or whatnot. would be a nice thing to have and to hold. :blush::heart:


Do you have any guesses as to what notable DN features could be missing from the Syntakt? In my mind DN is going to be a tough sell after a multi-synthesis type Syntakt unless someone loves FM, or there’s some serious features missing, such as external sequencing, or Syntakt is significantly more expensive

Here’s the rub, the Digitone is too good at what it does. It’s ultimately a Subtractive synth with 4-OP Fm as oscillators with all the trappings of the Elektron groovebox workflow.

Syntakt -> is probably going to be rhythm-oriented takt means rate in Swedish.

I feel like it’s going to be something like the Nord Drum 2/3p meets Digitakt.


omg, you basically just wrote a post that sums up my negative world view :slight_smile:

It could be an LFO device.


that would be a huuuuge let down lol.