Elektron Studios Berlin


Magic seeps through the walls of Friedrichstraße 17, Berlin. From early eighteenth century experiments with animal electricity, through master illusionist Conradi-Horster’s spectacular vanishing tricks a hundred years later. Now, after many decades of darkness, that ancient magic seems to be awakening again.

Welcome to Elektron Studios Berlin.

This will be a home to the creative engines of local and visiting musicians and manufacturers, a venue where visual arts projects, exciting collaborations, workshops, and casual get-togethers offer a respite from the ordinary. We will be bringing together our favorite synthesizers under one roof, and finding imaginative ways to use them alongside our equipment and studio guests. We are here to provide a meeting ground, a sorcerer’s workshop where thought and action are allowed to transmute into enchanting waves that will ripple across the globe.

We look forward to ushering you into this famous city’s newest fantasy. Keep an eye out for events the next time you’re in Berlin.

Visit here to find out more and RSVP to upcoming events.


I will skip that part :slight_smile:

Congrats on your new location and to those who are able to be part of it etc…

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The teaser video sounds amazing. I wonder if whatever the new product is was used in it. Reminds me of mnm type sounds


Sounds like a march song or carnival music towards the end with a bit of haunt on top…

#superbooth2019conspiracies Cenk dressed as a clown as he reveals the most spookily intense Elektron device yet: the Elektron Merry-go-round.

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what video?



love the magical anchoring :woman_mage:

that to me is what it’s all about

best of luck with the studio! makes me wanna come back to Berlin :partying_face:

great. Will there be an opening venue due superbooth next week?

What did actually happen to the Elektron Studios Berlin? The place doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Does anybody know?


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