Elektron.se down

Weird. I’m required to reset my password before logging in to my account, but when I try I get the error message “Cannot set the customer’s password”. No other details.

Firefox, macOS

I find the design to be beautiful and consistent with the visual design of their user interfaces on the machines, their YouTube videos etc. Clear upgrade. The only nitpick is that they’re linking out to content that is from 2019. Either they need to re-hire a content marketing manager, or they should remove that part.

By naviguating on the new website, I saw that the Syntakt is now 300 CAD less than on launch.

It was 1299 CAD.

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I’d give it a day or two, the login issues will probably sort themselves out.

It is horrible isnt it. Really unpleasant to look at.

Ah well. Its not like I’m going to buy any elektron stuff any time soon anyway. Nor use their website since Im overbridge free and dont need transfer.

They seem to be aware of the teething troubles:

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it is indeed cheaper :slightly_smiling_face:
Did TE lost focus as a company?

oops, wrong thread again!

New site is cool. Nothing fancy, useful.

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Stop listening to @Fin25 Syntakt stuff then.

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Looks super cool the new website.

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I like the new layout. I also like how the OT sits all on it’s own as it’s own category/thing. Untouchable.


The old design with the full background images of the machines was much more visually pleasing to look at! This new e-commerce look makes sense from a business standpoint, I guess but nothing about it really stands out…

Will we see « Find the right Machine for your Syntakt »

wahthefook… The “hero” image doesn’t load. They haven’t provided an option to turn off cookies/data exfiltration to 3rd parties? That means I can’t view their site and can’t buy anything from them. And it doesn’t do anything with JavaScript turned off (admittedly the previous one didn’t either). Idiots.

(I have very very little patience for modern web shit. @Elektron, I love your instruments but your new website stinks)

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cookies notice gone for now, guess it’s being looked at.

Still there for me. Are you sure you didn’t just “accept all”?

ahh yes it’s there again. i did not accept but looks like an ad blocker did that for me :zonked:

not allowing consent is frowned upon by the EU right?
dunno where we stand here in UK since brexit though…

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I might be afraid of change, but...

However, I agree. I think it made more sense having the news at the top of the home page. Now, when you go between “catalog” and “shop”, only the background colour changes. The first several screen height’s worth of content is otherwise identical across two distinct sections of the site. Very weird and inefficient design.

Ugh… and in the shop, when you hover an image it immediately changes to a different angle of the item… UGH… totally distracting and unpleasant to use. Some of us (me) use screen zoom centred on the mouse pointer. Flickery shit like this ruins the information-seeking experience. @Elektron, I used to visit your site to learn how the boxes were put together. I now can’t do that because you switch the images out from under my cursor. Please don’t do this.

I’m aware this is a data-point of one… and I am a bit arrogant about this stuff, but I’m pretty confident (from years of web dev) that my experiences and responses are a hyperfocus magnification of the general unease a design will cause in the majority of the audience.

And NONE of the images load in Safari 14.

Also… seriously… it’s your home page: line stuff up.

tuns out it wasn’t the ad-blocker that allowed the cookies - they’re auto-accepted when clicking any links to navigate the site. feels dirty.

Interesting detail: before the Syntakt was placed right after the flagships and before the digis, now it’s after the digis