Elektron sample packs

Do the sample packs contain melodic/bass content etc. or are the majority of samples drum based?

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Model:Samples comes with a factory folder of different stuff. Sub folders of drums, grooves, misc, melodic, glitches, ambient and more. Or are you talking about the sample packs on the site that you can buy?

The cool thing is of course you can add your own!

The majority in WAV format are mostly drum samples, but there are some with several synth sounds. Check ‘The Calling’, for instance

One tip
When browsing https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/ don’t filter by M:S, you’ll see very few results, but there are more packs in WAV format, which are totally valid for M:S

Hey, I am interested in doing as you say but don’t see an option on the Sample Packs for filtering by format rather than instrument.

Filter by any of the samplers, so Octatrack, Digitakt, M:S. No point looking at Rytm as they might be for the analog engines only.


Yes, there are some melodic samples in the Elektron SoundPacks - I downloaded a few of them just for the hell of it, but you really don’t need to get any paid ones. Any free sample pack in .wav format works, or you can create your own on PC or iOS.

Of the Elektron (paid) ones, check out Chromium Love and ORN-808, each of which have pitched, melodic samples. There are free demo packs for all of the SoundPacks to try first, if you register your device through the website.

In terms of general sample content, I found the ChipShop collection the other day and it’s loaded with melodic samples of the video game/chiptune variety.


But there are many other free samples available with synth sounds and instruments. Also consider using the single-cycle waveforms (press the loop button to hear sound). You can create tons of monophonic synth tones using those, and they are so short, you can store thousands of them without using up much space.

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Yeah, I’ve been enjoying using the MonoMachine single cycle wav packs (Immortal Waves etc.)