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You would have to do without a lot of stuff in and around your house if it didn‘t exist, though. Full disclosure: I work at SAP and I‘m kind of proud of it.


We use SAP at our company (global leader for brake systems) and the usability is just awful.


Yes for the old SAP Stuff very true. Programming in Abap is Horror. But Elektron seem to use a SAP Cloud solution which seems much more modern. But in General…Business Software is what it is …Business Software. No Fun intended.


Dynamics? Or Oracle?

Cheaper then SAP? Say it ain’t so :open_mouth:

Interesting… You work on SAP R/3 or SAP Business One, or?


I work deep down in the bowels of our ABAP application server, which many of our applications run on, so in a way I contribute to S/4, which is what R/3 is called these days.


Awesome :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% up to date with SAP these days; so pardon my ignorance there.


You should get me a job at SAP… :stuck_out_tongue:


Infor LN.


I used to work for Infor… don’t know what Infor LN is though / not something I ever implemented / utilised.


I don’t know much either. I’m an End User working PM. It’s our new ERP system. The system itself is good but has been crippled with company specific changes.


PM me if you‘re ready to relocate to the Death Star.




Reading corporate IT jargon gives me the same sensation as tearing apart cotton wool or breaking up Styrofoam, and this thread is reminding me why I dwell on the lower rungs of the employment ladder.


What system? I’m familiar with IPS.