Elektron Partner



Client: SAP Business ByDesign / Stretch
Agency: Vision Global Comunicación. visionglobal.net
Director y DOP: Jacobo Saro y Carlos Payá
Editing: Jacobo Saro
Music: Dataline
Location: Sweden


Cenk’s shirt! I MUST have one!


I thought something similar, I must admit


Moved to an appropriate sub-category. News is reserved for Elektron staff


I am moving to Salesforce health cloud at the moment. First time i love a work application as much as i love elektron devices



They literally do everything everywhere.


Interesting. Elektron implemented SAP…


I am so ignorant of the world of business and finance. I watched this video, and I still have no idea what it’s about. :confounded:


don’t worry. been in the industry for nearly 10 yrs I still don’t understand.


With PLocks…


Breaking: SAP® announced today it has acquired Elektron® Cenk® for all product demos going forward. The news comes after an unfortunate incident dubbed “HR Punk” where attendees at SAP SuccessConnect were consumed by the earth to as a reaction to induced corporate cringe. A spokesperson for SAP stated it hoped Cenk® would revitalise their brand and help the company engage with the new generation of enterprise CRM consumers.


Trying to decide which confused me more, my employer’s SAP HR system or Octatrack pickup machines.


SAP is a german software company. They have a collection of Business oriented Software that help companies to better Streamline and foresee their Business process. E.g. to plan a new batch of Digitakt, it needs a certain amount of knobs, Buttons, Cases, swirches, Main Boards etc.pp. If lets say the endless encoders are not enough in Stock for the new batch of Digitakt, the SAP system Shows it and gives you the possibility to right aeay Order them.
Additionally you also need people to put the Digitakt together. And SAP can also Show you, that you cant do the new batch right now because all production lanes and all people are busy with the new Digitone Keys. But in about four weeks you can start the new Digitakt batch.

Something along Like this is SAP.
Many companies use SAP.


The video wasn’t very clear in portraying what SAP is, so their marketing person is a bit of a sap. :joy:


Enterprise software makes me barf.



That explains things much better than the video did


We just had a SAP competitor system launched at work. It took 6 years of planning and testing and was costing £3m a month up to launch date in specialist and consultancy fees. And it just doesn’t work :joy:


The video is good in terms of seeing the Elektron production line, would love to see more of this.


It probably was cheaper…:thinking:


They had two videos of the production line some time ago. Maybe we can ask Elektron nicely If they would put that Back online again?