Elektron M:S iPad

Hi, I’m new in the forum and bought my first elektron gear! My model samples should arrive tomorrow and I have a couple of questions! Is it possible to midi control with one track my iPad running the pure acid app and use the other five tracks as a drum machine?Is it possible to transfer samples from my iPad to the model samples? The LFO on the M:S is it like the one on Digitakt that reaches áudio rate?


No. You need to use the Transfer application on Mac or Windows.

Page 35 of the free PDF manual shows the speed. Have you checked out the manual yet? Some good info in there.

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Also, some browser with web midi and elk-herd could https://electric.kitchen/crunch/elk-herd/beta/ (search this forum for more info about it) can work, too. So it will work on Linux without the transfer app.
Unfortunately iOS Browsers dont support web-midi.