Elektron Discord Server

Hi everyone!

I’m pretty new to using discord servers and I know this forum has places for discussion already but I figured since I haven’t been able to find a server for Elektronauts I’d start one! Invite link is below, or look up “Elektron” and it should work. It’ll just be starting out but please if you’re interested come by! Let me know if you have suggestions, etc .


Invite Link

Edit: Posted a new link, this one should be valid forever although I set the first link to do the same so I’m not sure what went wrong. Thanks for pointing it out, and if you know have any tips on getting the server verified n stuff I’d love to hear! I’m still super new to Discord so I don’t know all the ins and outs yet


There is also an IRC


You need to post an invite with no expiration. The one you posted is already expired.

And looking up “elektron” in Discord’s community finder doesn’t work either. I’m pretty sure you have to be a verified server to be listed there.

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Thanks man! Do you know how to verify a server? The new link I posted should work indefinitely as far as I know.

Well no joy here… No Elektron discord server foundable… Invitation invalid…
Any other server on Hardware Music instruments? More generalistic maybe with more users…

I created a discord server here.

Growing tired of forum support and in need of live chat. I hate to step on Scooby’s toes…


Be interesting to see whether you get support with this (I find the forum support good, be it technical or just for the occasional interesting banter)

Decided to start a functioning discord channel for Elektron users. You will be able to share patches, releases, tips, and chat in general about Elektron gear (or anything of that matter).

The link will never expire //

If you find value in using discord, feel free to join. If not, disregard.

Cya there.


I get the reason for general chat there, if you’re already using discord, but what’s the point of a feature request channel that Elektron don’t read?
They run this forum, and almost certainly keep an eye on the bug report and feature request threads.
Feature requests on another forum that they don’t read seems pointless.


They run this forum? As far as I know it‘s a big mystery!

See the Terms of Service

The Website is owned and operated by Elektron Music Machines MAV AB (“Elektron”).

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Does discord have the same permanence? If an issue is discussed/resolved on the forum it remains there for others. Is discord the same?

…nah not really.

In the end Discord wants you to pay them money. If you don‘t you are bombed with ads to buy nitro to get DLCs … I bet there are already loot boxes. E.g. sound quality sucks without premium. In the end it‘s a chat with extra features. And all of those features are designed to gather as much information about you as possible or to get money from you.

Remember: If you‘re not paying for the product … you are the product. In this case even if you pay I guess…

Edit: might still be cool of course :wink: just my 5 cents on Discord…


This is not true Pete. No one is being bombed with ads, no one is asked to give money, and no one is getting ‘loot boxes’. This channel is just a live chat forum for people with similar interests. We are sharing song sketches, production tips, sysex files, and engaging in general chat on a modern platform. No one there has anything to gain. We are just trying to connect with end users of a similar product that have similar interests.

I am not sure where you gathered the idea that ‘discord wants your money’. But that is not the case. Come get. involved…

Didn‘t want to put your idea down - but in the end this is their business model.

What I find a bit annoying with discord is the many channels there are always. As if I wanted to think about which channel to post everytime I want to write something… so most channels are either unused or get off-topic quickly

this one has been and still is active, come join in for a chat, ask a question or anything else… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks, cya there

Just found this so im bumping , hope we can all IM there :slight_smile: