Elektron bag concerns [chemicals]

If I would have known this shit before, I would never buy those superexpensive Elektron bags again! It’s ridiculous that a Swedish company produces shit like this!

Mentioned on a small card attached to the Elektron bag: CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
'This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. (California law requires this warning to be given to customers in the State of California)

So in EU they don’t need to mention this??? Fucking stupid rules that need to be changed! Sick of all this RIPOFF! You think they sell good quality (with respect for their customers) but NO!

I got that on a flightcase too. Only Cali are warned then?

Personally, I think it is considerably more likely that some Californian studies are a load of bollocks than my Elektron bag is going to give me cancer.

I really hate all this “item x contains y which we think gives cancer” bullshit. You could probably make anything have some tenuous link to cancer if you tried hard enough! Christ, they tried to say drinking Irn Bru and other fizzy juice would give you cancer. I must be a walking tumour then considering the volumes I have consumed over the years!


This a a joke right? CA prop 65 is waaaay overboard. Everyone here in the US (in other states) know this. Just don’t eat the bag and you’ll be good :grin:


Lol that notice is on pretty much every product sold in California, their regulations are insanely strict. Chill out.


I wonder if they put the same warnings on the Californian weed :smiley: I’m from Belgium so I don’t know that Cali law but thanks you US guys for clarifying this law, thank you Mr Trump hahah


The Prop 65 labels only tell you that a product has something in it that might cause cancer or affect reproduction. They don’t say what the substance is, where it is in the product, how you might be exposed to it, what the level of risk is, or how to reduce your exposure.

So it may only be harmful when you swallow the whole bag, who knows?

Additionally: Coffee is one of the products which needs to be labeled this way in California, but there is actually no scientific proof that this is correct.


I would worry about processed carbs first. Way more likely to get cancer from those.


Even this post give cancer. Calm down…


Haha no way! That’s even more tenuous than I originally thought!!!

My first ever music tech item was an m audio oxygen v2 midi keyboard and after about 4 years of using it i notices in the box there’s a big warning saying its made with lead so dont lick your fingers after you play it

Unless that memory is from a fever dream


I hate it when you play a tasty lick then get led poisoning and go mad


Was about to say! The bag is as dangerous to a human as a cup of coffee…



This is the same state that banned plastic straws, closed down all nuclear plants only to use the Palo Verde plant from AZ, and has decided to spend 250 million dollars on its homeless in SF… I’m sure your Elektron bag is fine :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just dont eat it :wink:

i got that notice on a mic stand

That warning is on all sorts of natural health food supplements with herbs and superfoods and stuff, products sold for health and well being that are supposed to be super good for you and detoxifying and whatever. There’s trace amounts of lead naturally occurring in some of the plants and herbs, so they get the warning…

You go to the health food store and buy some kind of cleansing detox herbal package, and there’s a warning on it that it might give you cancer… :upside_down_face:

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There should probably be a health warning before scanning the effin’ and jeffin’ in the op :zonked:

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Just don’t smoke it and you will be good…