Elektron at Superbooth 2018

Spring equals [Superbooth](https://www.superbooth.com/en/landing.html), and Superbooth equals FUN! This year we're upping the ante on the latter with a dedicated jam stage in the Elektron booth — [we're at W110](https://www.superbooth.com/en/eventdetails/the-elektron-session.html?day=20180503&times=1525359600,1525360800) — featuring talents from the Elektron staff, as well as some of our good friends. On top of that Cenk, Simon and will join Carl-Mikael from [Cabinet of Curiosities](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLejlP7lr3PFX8Rrz1nN69Q) for an Elektron session in the Auditorium. This takes place on Thursday, May the 3rd at 17.00. Furthermore Cenk will play a set in the [Genelec Lounge](https://www.superbooth.com/en/floorplan.html?location=o310) on Friday, May the 4th, also at 17.00.
**Jam Stage Schedule** **Thursday, May the 3rd** **13.00 — Dejan Mitic** When not entertaining the Superbooth crowd, Dejan Mitic is Key Account Manager at the Sales department of Elektron HQ. Dejan has a long history of production, singing, and writing, sometimes under the name [Superfake](https://soundcloud.com/superfaked). **14:30 — Johan Melin** Johan Melin is one half of psych-disco duo [Fontän](https://soundcloud.com/fontan_se) and keeps busy at Elektron HQ dealing with all things video related. He'll be teaming up his Four and Rytm with the ubiquitous 0-coast, for some driving Elektron electro goodness. **16:00 — Machìna & Reo Matsumoto** [Machìna](https://soundcloud.com/yeoheemusic/neon) & [Reo Matsumoto](https://soundcloud.com/reomatsumoto) are performing together for the very first time, but they are certainly no debutants in their own right. Tokyo-based, Korean ex-pat Machìna creates dreamy electronic music harnessing an impossibly wide range of influences reaching from jazzy timbres to jittery IDM-like textures. Reo calls himself a vocal percussionist, having won multiple awards for his beatboxing skills, but that is only part of what makes up his hip-hop-infused chillout vibes. Combining his voice, and a multitude of traditional instruments (handpan, didgeridoo, etcetera), with synthesis, the end-result is a hypnotic and mesmerizing melange of modernity and tradition. **18:00 — Lokier** We invited Yoan Rodriguez a.k.a. [Lokier](https://soundcloud.com/diet-clinic/lokier-plastic-veins), because we really dig her work. But we were surprised to find out this will actually be her debut performance under the moniker. Over the past four, five years, she's treated the public to a slow, but steady stream of releases mixing up influences from post-punk, indie and acid into dark, trance-inducing industrial-tinged electro.
**Friday, May the 4th** **13:00 — Fågelle** [Fågelle](https://fagelle.bandcamp.com) is Klara Andersson, part of our hardworking Support staff. With a vast array of pedals, synthesizers, and samplers she explores the intersection of noise and pop, creating epic walls of sound that manages to exude both power and fragility simultaneously. **14:30 — Sqein** Simon Mattisson has gone by many names — too many to mention really — but for this occasion he's [Sqein](https://soundcloud.com/sqein). Aside from brandishing an FM wave tattoo, he's also a valuable cog in the Applied Design team at Elektron HQ. **16:00 — Animistic Beliefs** These days most acts seem to start with releasing a record and then taking the stage. [Animistic Beliefs](https://soundcloud.com/animisticbeliefs) did it in reverse order, keeping alive a time-honored tradition. And it makes perfect sense, because their analog approach to music creation is obviously rooted in traditional electro. But to call them retro is far from the truth. Their debut EP Sinuous Gullies could have been released in 1984, but might just as well have traveled back in time from 2084. Some music is just timeless. **18:00 — Kaukolampi** When not heading space rock power trio K-X-P, [Timo Kaukolampi](https://kaukolampi.bandcamp.com) explores other cosmii of sound under his given name. Driven by a steady four-to-the-floor and an insatiable lust to tap into unexplored interplanetary energy beams, Timo conjures up a mind-melting mix of early rave, ethnic percussion, proto-Goa, and you're invited along for the journey.
**Saturday, May the 5th** **13:00 — Simon Krusell** Representing Elektron Japan is actually a Swede. [Simon Krusell](https://soundcloud.com/uchujin) left Sweden ages ago and has been running the Japan office since it opened its doors in 2012. Simon's roots are in the 1990's rave culture, having spent the past 20+ years promoting parties, hosting radio shows and releasing records. **14:30 — Ali Çakır** Ali Çakır — usually half of [Düve](https://soundcloud.com/pluie-noir/sets/pnr007-duve-hargate) — takes a break from systems testing at the Hardware department to treat us to a laid-back, ethno-tinged Digitakt-and-Tone set. A perfect way to start your Saturday! **16:00 — Skinnerbox** If you follow any of our social channels, you know we love [Skinnerbox](https://soundcloud.com/skinnerbox). So naturally, we asked the boys to come and entertain and amaze us with their uniquely playful and deeply complex take on live improvised techno. **18:00 — Dataline** [Dataline](https://soundcloud.com/dataline). Do we need to say more? We doubt anyone can top Cenk when it comes to wringing out the utmost of any Elektron machine. So join us and help close out Superbooth in euphoric, p-locked, splendor.

Superbooth 18

Happy Superbooth Elektron ! :slight_smile:

I can see clearly a new gear, delivered in a kit, just place yourself buttons at the right place ! :thup:

Call friends to play that funny button game, and don’t cut your hand !


with a name like “Genelec Lounge” it’s almost guaranteed to have the richest finest sound quality, yay rock on :heart_eyes:


It looks like the cover of a rules guide to a mad music based version of Subbuteo!


@Elektron: O Captain! my Captain! Why are there no live streams available from your events?


Is there a kind of embargo going on that not even others has published at least some video snippets of all these Elektron events?

I’m not sure if going completely radio-silent is now-a-days the best way to celebrate your 20 years anniversary …


Probably because they realise no one cares



I love this interview – and it’s my pick for Best Video of Superbooth. (OK i do have a bias.)

Insight for me here on the delays with Overbridge II. It’s a difficult topic and i appreciate Cenk’s honesty. Elektron would have done well to have him handling info on OB all along the way. Hopefully they will going forth as it sounds like it might be a while.

Good too to hear that transfer is coming for RYTM MkI as well, for me as an owner of said.

Hope there is going to be a video of Cenk’s performance on the youtube Dataline channel. Sounds like a good performance rig, and Cenk always has a few innovations.


I know people wanted videography from the Elektron booth… No such official footage out yet. That I know of.

But here’s the one @Dataline, @Simon and me did for the auditorium. Fun times!


Great video! You make a good host/MC :smiley:


Cheers! Yeah - I wanted to take on the part of dealing with the audience so Cenk and Simon could focus their creative energy on the instruments. Which they did with the honor!


Excellent jam as well!


T-Shirts!! <3


Yeah I want those t-shirts!


Deja Vu --> Virus TI and its plagued plugin for those who remember. Elektron should never have touched it.
Why is there not a market for a mixer with good A/D and effects / eq with minimal latency.




I like that this video presentation was very down to earth and seemed unscripted. Especially the way Simon interacted with the Digitone.