Elektron Analog Keys : Is discontinued


Glad you found a way that worked for you. It’s a shame because you’re right about how great it is, I thought it was such a cool synth but I couldn’t get comfortable with it. I would definitely reconsider an A4 in the future. There’s no synth out there like this in my opinion, seriously. It’s crazy


I prefer to use my A4 with my JD-Xi, as opposed to having an AK.


I really would live to have indiouts on my A4 mk I. Should I trade it to an AK while they’re still somewhat easy to come by? I don’t really need the keyboard tbh…

I bet a DT or a DN could fit on top of the AK for a cute lil rig :nyan:


DT on top of an AK would be all I’d need to compose, record and perform live… as soon as instant pattern changes are implemented, that is.


Definitely try to give one a go for a session before you bank on switching it out, I knew within about an hour of use I wanted an A4 not an AK. also who knows, when the dust settles in a few months a keys mk2 could surface, or digikeys


hmm, good point. Maybe I’ll just get the indiouts done by a pro modder for the A4 instead. Anyone know any contact info for someone who does such mods and is a qualified electronics professional?


I love the AK, 3 octaves and 4 voices goes a long way if you play keys, that joystick with 20 destinations adds a layer of magic fairy dust, add another 5 for the AT/Vel. Obviously one can hook up external controllers to any desktop gear etc, but it’s never quite the same. When MKIII comes out with 24 pressure/velocity sensitive buttons and…the joystick, I might take a peak!:slight_smile:

I’m thinking that the marketing, the talk etc surrounding the AK was perhaps too focused on the sequencer, the CV, the…The reputation for being too complicated was probably another thing that scared of a few people from the keys-camp I can imagine, which is a shame as the only thing that’s stumping people on these boxes is the file system, or project structures if you will, everything else is as straight forward as it gets:/

I hope the software isn’t discontinued. The push action on the joystick is still waiting for its intended function (like holding the joystick position, hm, Elektron?:).


I’ve wondered if i could take the spring out – but i don’t want it that way all the time.

Recently i’ve been putting together a midi joystick controller, thinking two joysticks, one with spring one without. It’s pretty much down to paying the money for the parts.


If (or hopefully when) Elektron mark twos the Keys, i’d love for the sequencer to have midi out in addition to the cv.

Ideas for a dedicated Elektron MIDI sequencer - and why

I’ve been wanting something like that, never thought about two, with spring and without.
I like that!


Always laugh a bit when I say I love my AK (the synth, not the rifle!) That said, it’s the starting point of most of my songs/jams. It’s a great sketchpad and CV sequencer, as well as quick MIDI keyboard.

The MIDI mapping makes more sense with the built in keyboard, and the individual lights per key are a nice addition. Versatile oscillators and filters. Did I mention it’s the same sequencer as the A4 mk2? Very happy to have mine, as well as the discontinued gig bag.

The idea that the AK is outclassed is pure BS. The only big thing it’s missing that the A4 mk2 has is the CV input, but it’s hardly a showstopper.

I did sell my Rytm mk1 to get a mk2, for the built in sampling, but the other additions were nice (especially the bigger pads) but not a huge selling point if you’re on the fence.


there doesnt have to be an official announcement to know that the AK is discontinued :wink: Silence is the ultimate answer. Years before the official announcement for discontinuing the Machinedrum and Monomachine was made we already knew that they have abandoned them. because the regular OS updates stopped!

AK will step into Monomachine Keyboard footsteps i assume (except for the Monomachine Keyboard being a limited run, the AK is not). Sales in Germany were very low. Quite a few Shops still have AKs available for immediate delivery. I dont know if the lack of sales in Germany reflects the worldwide sales but if this is the case i highly doubt that there will be a MK2 - or any other Keyboard from Elektron in the next years.


This is almost half true. Elektron were still making and selling them after the (never really ‘regular’) updates stopped. One could argue that by that time of product maturity, they were ‘feature complete’. But nothing last forever. Elektron did not discontinue making those products until they started running low on components. Hardly abandonment. Just end of life.


Seeing them all the time in England at 700 mate so the second hand price is not rising, can get them new at most shops for 950 too so I hate to pee on ya bonfire but I am bursting and I’ve gotta go somewhere


So the AK can sequence via midi? How many tracks?
I must have missed that. That is pretty big.



No it can’t sequence midi, it can act as midi controller with knobs and joystick but not sequence

If you use a cv to midi processor you can use the cv outs and that’s what is being discussed above mate


No no, he’s spot on - just five years early :wink:


Whether or not the AK is discontinued, I think it’s safe to assume that OS updates to the A4 MKII will be available to the A4 MKI and the AK. I cite the pending AR MKII Dual VCO OS update, which will also be available to the AR MKI.

Edit: D’oh, double-ish post.


This is almost half true as well :wink: I dont exactly know what people were craving for at that time. its just too long ago. but i can remember lots of threads about improvements - and feature updates - over at Elektron Users back at that time. Till date the Monomachine and Machinedrum were the most versatile of their Boxes - except for the Sequencer which had yet to improve. So … they were not exactly “feature complete”; they probably could never be. People had great ideas all over the place. And they were used to regular software updates as well. It was a little bit of a shock to realize that there will be nothing new anymore …

But, lets be frank: No company can survive with free Software Updates alone. So it was just a matter of time anyway - it had to stop one day. And this may be true for the AK now :wink:


i wouldnt bet on that. Judging by how Elektron behaves these days. But i would assume the same in the first place :wink: