Elektron Analog Keys : Is discontinued


B&H were selling AK for USD$1099 earlier this week.
Might be a future classic and big ticket item ----i reckon prices are at the bottom of the cycle for AK and have only one way to go and thats up. There may not be a MK2 version of AK. Buy now while you have the chance.

Update: Feb 28 New batch released


I purchased an AK 5 days ago, in Sydney. It was, they said, the last one in the warehouse and the distributor told the retailer they weren’t expecting any new stock because it was discontinued.
So, Maybe.



Maybe. Sweetwater still has them though.


Cool. I have one actually, wast just speculating if a mkii was on the way :slight_smile:


There’s been no announcement of being discontinued has there? It may just be out-of-stock – or it’s been discussed that there might, who knows, be a MkII under development. (That’s hardly even a rumor though.)


B&h has had them listed as discontinued for a while. For me the tell of it being discontinued would be a drastic price drop at Sweetwater as they did with the analog 4.


Yeah B&H does say discontinued!

As for price drops clearing stock – it usually depends on how much stock the retailer has and what their sales volumes are at.

ADDED: Seems to be in stock in many retailers in the US.


Perhaps that was because the MKII was imminent.
And that may not be the case with the AK.


Here in the UK the AK has often been equal or lower price than the A4 for the past year, to the point of it being tempting to sell my A4 and get one, but the MKII soon squashed that idea. I guess a 4 voice is kind of a hard sell at that price to a keys player looking for a poly if they’re not already into the whole Elektron way.


You made the right choice. A4 is best as a box in my opinion. Had the keys and the tiny screen sucked, with the A4 you can put it on a stand at an angle so it’s not a problem but it’s just unnatural to have a keyboard on a slanted stand like that, for me anyway


Thomann hasn’t got the AK listed anymore. And local dealer around the corner here, says it’s gone and won’t come back.


Isn’t this the type of thread someone from Elektron should pop in and answer outright?


Ive always thought the AK should have been an Analog 6, or 8. That extra polyphony seemed logical for the keys to me. Im not into large footprint synths anymore myself so i wouldnt be buying it but if they do bring out a new version i fink it should defo be a 6 or 8 or whatever.

gnomesein :sunglasses:


I like the AK form factor and am pleased I have one. Also still have an A4 (which I might consider selling at some point). The Mk2 A4 does cover some of the features I want/like though, like the extra outputs.


I wonder if demand was just too low to keep making them. The resale prices are a clue. Unfortunately I’m one of the people trying to sell mine and there’s been literally no interest, despite it being in mint condition and €500 less than what I paid.

I felt a few design choices were a real missed opportunity. The screen is too small considering how much space was left over. Ergonomically that was an issue too, since the playing position of a keys-based instrument is often wider than a desktop module and the screen is too small for that viewing distance. Also, a 4-voice synth is too limiting for what’s essentially a two-handed keyboard. The amount of times I started playing something and realised I didn’t have enough voices for the part. That’s intuitive with a desktop module but not something this big. As somebody said above, it should have been at least 6 voices.

So yeah, I’d fully understand it being discontinued. I’m dying to swap mine for a Digitakt but I expect to be waiting a long time for a buyer.


The AK is severely outclassed in its price bracket.


It’s also worth considering that there was only a keys version of the Monomachine mk1, not mk2.


…apart from the sequencer.


I think (and others will object) with A4MK2 released AK is mostly obsolete.