ElectroPiano Sound

Hi all! I’m newbie to sound design. Could you help me make the piano sound? I really want to get the sound from this video:


Start sound 0:47

Thank you in advance!

Yeah that would be nice to have. I was trying to make a Wurlitzer sound yesterday but it’s really hard. There may be a good one in the new Digitone Keys. In Loopop’s DK video he plays a nice one in the beginning.

If not then I suggest that we make a collaboration thread for EP sounds like these! :grinning:

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Guys, you can help me? :slight_smile:

Have you downloaded the update? Quite a few nice keyboard sounds in there.

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Yes, I download. But the sounds did not appear.

To receive packages, I must register my DN?

I think so yes, but I’m not sure. They were already installed when I got it, so I haven’t registered mine yet.

But for what it’s worth, I was prepared to give up on my Digitone, because I just can’t get a grip on FM and couldn’t build the sounds I heard in my head.

Then I got these new patches and they’re just crammed with as much otherworldly stuff as the first installation, but a lot more usable. Less weird, but still suggestive. Very refined.

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I have only A and B bank. You have more?

Nope, I have those, but the A bank in particular has entirely different sounds in it than when I first go it. I haven’t made a thorough comparison, but there’s a bunch of keyboard sounds in there that I already keep coming back to, and one of them is in a mix I’m working on now.

They sound a lot like vintage electric pianos distorted by dust and filth. I don’t think you’d be able to get them to sound like rhodes or wurlitzers or whatnot, and it’s probably not the idea, so instead it seems the designers behind these took the idea to warp the idea of an electric piano into this instead.

It’s not like there’s hundreds of them. But they show up in the browser with some frequency and I enjoy almost all of them. I’m a keyboard and piano player to begin with, so I have a strong preference towards sounds that inherit the classic qualities of a solid key instrument, but still make something new out of it.

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Hey there, long time ago but today I released a wurlitzer emulation for the Digitone/Digitone Keys if you’re still interested? [Free Patches] Digitone/Digitone Keys

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