Electronic Drum Pad Recs?

Does anyone have experience with different drum pads? I am struggling to make a decisions. I already have a td-27kv set so really want something that can augment that plus can be taken places easily.


Roland Octapad - looks pretty cool. 2x4 rows means one fewer pad but might fit in a backpack. But doesn’t do sampling? Might be best bet for a hi hat controller?

Allesis Strike Multipad - “newest” model. 32gb storage. Good features. Inexpensive (relatively)

Roland SPD - samples only. I don’t think it supports hi hat controller. Gets great reviews and seems to be on a lot of “professionals” kits

Nord Drum 3p - Seems to be loved by synth community for sound generation. But only has 6 pads and I can’t tell if they are good pads or not. Could double duty in my EDM station? Doesn’t play samples.

Any thoughts here would be greatly appreciated.

Highly recommend

The pads are phenomenal and it can output midi (to trig any sampler with midi input)

Also check Roland ONE series to augment any of these systems or if on a budget