Effects plugins recommendations?


Is this worth it?



I’ve been really digging Sinevibes collection. It’s a lot of strange, simple and/or complex effects and several have built in sequencers with their version of parameter locks. Good stuff!
Also, Waves if you are into reproductions of vintage gear as well as sophisticated, modern concepts. I love the vintage EQs and comps.


Vahalla too, stellar quality at very fair pricing. Vintage verb is one of my go tos (especially 80’s style).


Yes, Softube are top drawer plugins.


unfiltered audio have a new multi FX plugin coming out soon. has a modular modulation bus. lot’s of new modules. lot’s of great processors.

anyway… it’s called BYOME. this video doesn’t let the gui out of the box… just a portion… there’ss so much that can be done w/just this plug in and it’s quite cmple to use and will come w/a bunch presets from various people . :wink:


Valhalla for reverbs
Soundtoys everything
Softtube is excellent

And I know it’s not popular to write this, but the UAD plugins are still at least top-notch if not a notch above the rest.

SugarBytes stuff is fun and innovative re interfaces/usage, but they don’t sound exceptional to me


Can anyone recommend some basic effect plugins (reverb, delay, chorus/flanger) that don’t have thousands of parameters? I find myself getting more creative if a plugin is more focused on what it is doing.


Audio Damage QuatroMod



have a look at the guitar rig player (apparently it’s also free)


Depends what you want but Soundtoys 5 bundle (decapitator is literally on everything here, but all the rest are really great too), Valhalla Vintage Verb and some others, Fab Filter C2 compressor, Audio Damage Discord, Eventide Octavox and UltraTap are fantastic. If you’re interested in saturation / distortion weirdness then Softube OTO Biscuit is brilliant but expensive.


…sonic charge stuff…
…sound toys stuff…
…sugar bytes stuff…!!!
…vcv rack stuff…!!!
…logic pro stuff…!!!

all in soft…vcv still for free…
and in hard…

koma elektroniks…discover all the sounds within everything that sourrounds u…
electro harmonix pedals…freeze, stereo man hazarai and other looping devices…
line 6 pedals…
elektrons ot…could’nt be more boring in fx on first sight, and could’nt take u any deeper once u know…
oto bisquit…no more creamy true analog filter meets harsh bit reduction anywhere else to find…
analog heat…well, giving an analog so true drive to anything…
eventide space and pitch delay…stompboxes for never looking back or think twice…
metric halo mio console…ok, that’s .hard and soft…but best compressors and eq’s out there…at least in soft…and hi end converters in hard…


NI Supercharger GT compressor gets a lot of use.
D16 Decimort is kinda vital for me at least, if you like Lofi, it is the one.
Valhalla Vintage is as everyone else has already said pretty darn good.
Izotope Neutron I use a lot too.


Soundtoys Bundle 5
Eventide Blackhole


The ones that come with Ableton are good enough for me. I would always go the hardware route if I wanted something special.


I like TAL plugins - many are free. They have a very simple chorus based on the Juno. I also love the TAL Reverb III. Both very simple.

Valhalla Vintage Verb is fairly straightforward as well.

Also check out Surreal Machines for reverb/delay. Great interfaces. Great sound.


Soundtoys all the way! Especially Echoboy / Echoboy jr
Native Instruments Guitar Rig
Uhe Satin
Logic Space Designer