Easy way to swap digitone synth settings?


Hi there, long time user and reader, first time poster…

So I am trying to do a simple but annoying task on my Digitone. I want to swap the synths on a given pattern. So for example, I want to put T4 into T1 and T1 into T4. The scenario is… I was hoping to get similar category synths in the same position so that when I change pattern and am unmuted, I can expect that a kick is still a kick on the next pattern, for example.

So far as I can tell, saving the SOUND is not the same as saving the entire synth and its settings, or I would just start doing that one by one and then reloading them.

Am I overthinking this?


The only way I can think of is to copy a track which copies the pattern and you can copy the sound.

To copy a track you need to have the sequencer active by clicking “record” and then copy and it will copy a track which you can paste to another one.

The only downside here is you need one track free because it will override so you can copy T1 to T2 and the T4 to T1 and T2 to T4… etc


Can’t you also copy one track to a different pattern to get the free track you need ?


If you save the sound and clear the sound on another pattern you can put the new sound as main or lock it or whatever.


This is totally true


I may be doing something wrong, but I did try that; basically taking a pattern near the end of the banks and patterns as a dumping ground/holding area. It didn’t seem to port everything over.


Alright lemme fiddle with that; a seconded opinion means someone got it to work.


Yeah so it doesn’t copy over sequence data, transpose, a couple other things I noticed. I could painstakingly copy/paste each trig with the locks and such, if needed, but thats what I was trying to avoid. I also see that save pattern and reload from project is viable, but it doesn’t let you load/replicate it into a different spot?


Yes. Just copy a pattern track by track to a blank “dummy” one into the new positions where you want them to be to standardize your patterns. Then you can rename it and copy it over the old pattern. Clear the dummy one and repeat the process for all the patterns that you want to standardize.


See above - its definitely not porting over everything it needs to by doing that. Perhaps you are UNDERthinking it. :wink:

Thanks all


Are you in grid recording mode when you copy? From the manual:

“Individual sequencer tracks can be copied, pasted and cleared in the same way as patterns. GRID RECORDING mode must be active to perform these operations.”


Holy kludgey manual diving batman - you are right. Its still mildly clunky but a hell of a lot simpler than what I was preparing to do, lol. Thanks DD.

I would say its time for me to contribute back to the community but after that asshatery, I am not sure my advice would be valuable, heh.


Spoke too soon. the first track i tried to copy in grid record happened to have a diff sound trig locked, so it appeared to work. But anything ot trig locked to a sound is porting over to the pasted track with the existing sound… grrr…


Copying the track around (the sequencer data), doesn’t copy the sound settings.

I suggest you take a deep dive into the manual (again?). You need to know what is stored where and how to copy & paste the different parts (especially in which mode you need to be to perform the copy&paste).