Easiest way to switch samples on statics

Hi, say I have some long samples (field recordings) I play over the course of a song. I want to have full manual control over when the play. What I do now, is use one static machine on a plays free track, set to one-shot track and direct play mode. Then I change the sample manually for the next one when the track has finished and is stopped, so when I relaunch it it’ll play the new sample. I use 1 track because I need all the other ones. I believe that’s the most foolproof way to do that, way more secure than switching parts (and way more easy to manage because I’m constantly updating FX, scenes and other stuff). But I wonder if there’s an even easier way to do this. (I feel like changing cassettes in 2019 :wink: ) The samples are over a minute long each and I use 3 to 4 of them in a row with some undefined space in between. Thanks!

Samples locks and pattern changes?

put them all together, slice them and play them from chromatic mode when you want to play the next you just change the slice in the track

Yes, that’s an option, but that means I need to keep track of changes I make to the initial pattern and duplicate that to the other 3 or 4. A pattern contains all 16 tracks so I’m bit reluctant to use pattern changes for housekeeping purposes :wink:

Slices might work, I think. Don’t even need to be in chromatic mode (I use a lot of plays free tracks so I like to remain in tracks mode unless I’m in a “destroy everything” part), just need to change the slice number when the track is stopped, and then relaunch it when appropriate. I’ll try this out, see if it’s easier IRL than my current method. With length=1 and loop=off the plays-free track should stop by itself when the slice is finished, that’s a requirement. Will test this evening.

Thanks guys

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I watched Container doing that for a whole set the other night

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Parts and sample locks!

Parts are the best way to do this i think. Copy paste part 1 to the other parts then make tweaks. just always remember to save your parts!

Cassettes or Octatrack?

Slots mode perhaps…


Goodness Gracious, who would have thought is was that simple… I had absolutely overlooked slots mode. Release set to Inf, and when I want the track (well, the sample,really) to fade out gracefully I just turn the release down a bit and voilà, instant automatic fade-out.
Brilliant, exactly what I needed, thanks @Open_Mike

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Cassettes. He was using a 4-track, mc 909 and pedals mostly

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12 Octatrack cassettes!


Nice^^i´m currently watching this video, also with MC909, 4-track (I think), mixer and pedals. Very intense.