DVINA - Soma Laboratory

“DVINA can be the first SOMA electro-acoustic instrument”


This man is fu###g awesome


On Sonicstate is mentioned he’s asking for feedback:

my feedback is please ditch this one or sell it as a ltd edition, think it would not sell well.

Please continue to focus on weird beautiful instruments like the Lyra8, pipe and Pulsar23!

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Why would they need to limit it if it won’t sell well anyway? :rofl:

Given Vlad’s output I don’t think we need to worry about him watering down his work by broadening his range - much better that he follow his own wild heart when deciding what to make!

I think this looks truly awesome and would love one if I had any skill at all in strung instruments. Hope they get enough interest!


I agree. This thing is the least imaginative thing I’ve seen from SOMA

Yes indeed, but I imagine it could be the start of semiacoustics for soma/Vlad as well. So wierder thingies to be expected


Looks like a really interesting hybrid to me. When you start to build instruments with an acoustic component then you have other considerations to factor in. I’d like to know they have some mastery of the required skills, and that this will be a quality instrument.

Where’s my Pulsar 23? :wink:

I dig the DVINA.

I understand some of y’all are worried this will slow down the production of Pulsar23/Pipe/etc. but don’t forget he’s got factories churning out electronic stuff for him. SOMA is not a one-man company anymore.

I bet he will have some Eastern European shop somewhere cranking out DVINA’s for him too, just like they’re been making affordable violins, celli, etc. for years; for those who can’t afford the $10K+ violins and such.


I can see string players might like this. Taking the signal directly from the string is pretty cool. A proper electric violin.
I wouldnt buy it myself, but I dont play violin. I have a Lyra 8 and I love it. Soma make some incredible gear


he mentioned mass production so that’s not ltd heuh?

The way he reversed how a guitar element usually works is brilliant.

Very interesting! I’ve been planning on building a solely electric version of my bowed tanbur, though I’m planning on using piezos with a proper impedance-matched pre amp. His design here seems to be electro-magnetic. Wouldn’t be my choice for a “natural/acoustic” sound (I think properly voiced piezos are better for this type of application), but it does sound pretty good in the video. The delay and saturation helps too, I’m sure.

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I think it’s pretty cool

I think so too, and portable. I like the impetus behind seeking to help acoustic bowed string players integrate sounds into the electronic realm. Especially in a live context with acoustic instruments at club volume levels, an instrument like this is a smart strategy :wink:

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i dig it! the phasmid of string instruments :smile: i’ve been feeding the octatrack with bowed guitar, mandolin, lapsteel and it’s always that one piece to much to lug around





Finally it’s here!


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Done, thanks dear.